Su GeForce NOW arriva Kena Bridge of Spirits insieme a molto altro thumbnail

Kena Bridge of Spirits arrives on GeForce NOW along with much more

Kena Bridge of Spirits arrives on GeForce NOW along with many more thumbnails

It promises to be a great week for gaming and the Thursday appointment with GeForce NOW brings with it 12 new titles, including five highly anticipated games available on day one on the platform, including Beyond Contact, Kena: Bridge of Spirits, Sable, World War Z: Aftermath e Sheltered 2. These are recent titles and strong feedback from critics and audiences, which can be played in the cloud right away.

GeForce NOW: Kena Bridge of Spirits arrives and much more

Sheltered 2 joins the titles of Team17, an award-winning publisher that already boasts 40 games within the GeForce NOW library. But the flagship of this Thursday is undoubtedly Kena Bridge of Spirits, the new independent action adventure that has already met with great success, thanks to its atmospheres that closely resemble those of pixar films.

Other interesting titles such as Sable, a game that closely resembles the atmospheres already seen in that of Journey, e Beyond Contact, a very special survival game that recovers sci fi and horror elements at the same time.

Below is the full list of games joining the GeForce NOW library:

In short, the choice, as usual, is great and suitable for all types of gamers.

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