KIA EV6 2021, our experience with the complete and futuristic EV

La nostra esperienza al volante di KIA EV6, la prima di una nuova era thumbnail

Those we are experiencing are very interesting years for the automotive world. With the advent of electric cars, in fact, Houses have to decide what they want to be when they grow up, choose their strengths and uniqueness and put them in their electric cars. This is what I understand behind the wheel of KIA EV6 2021: the new electric of the Korean company is the before a new era for KIA, which with EV6 decides what makes it special. And what are these peculiarities? We found out in a crazy two days in Andalusia, where we met the soul of EV6 and the new KIA. Are you ready to discover it too under the sun of Marbella?

The new KIA passes through EV6: sportiness, audacity and courage, a more youthful and innovative cut

Every event to which we are invited is now accompanied by an aura of curiosity and expectation. The car manufacturers, in fact, are faced with one obligatory path, that of the electric car, to be taken as soon as possible. Faced with such a great change, many manufacturers have decided to take advantage of this revolution to change, to focus on what they want to be in the coming years.

So, if some companies focus on practicality and minimalism, others on style and comfort, KIA wants to continue its rise over the past 25 years. Since KIA’s arrival in the Hyundai galaxy in 1998, the Korean manufacturer has gone through several stages of its history. From the first cars all practical and economical, KIA has continued to change progressively, passing from practical but not very fascinating cars to increasingly modern, well-finished and interesting products. Over the years, the sports component came out, which made it a sort of “Alfa Romeo of Korea”, without forgetting the model that most of all contributed to KIA’s success. Sportage.

Born in 1993, Sportage was one of the first purely urban crossovers, and over the years it has changed a lot without losing its youthful and modern nature. So KIA, upon the arrival of electric mobility, has decided to focus on what makes it different, special. Modernity, desire to change, sportsmanship, always with an eye for young people and for a dynamic and fun lifestyle. And KIA EV6 in this 2021 is the car that embodies these innovations. It is the first KIA to be produced on a platform developed exclusively for electric models, the E-GMP; the first to be designed to have the new KIA logo; the first to show off technical innovations of international importance.

For such an important car, KIA has decided to renew itself as well. New is the slogan of the House, Movement that Inspires, a stimulating motto dedicated above all to young people. The communication strategy of this new EV6 is also new. KIA for us has chosen a different event from all those seen in 2021: KIA EV6 has led us to explore Andalusia, one of the most beautiful regions in southern Spain. From exercises on the track to traveling on the motorway to the Beach, KIA EV6 was a perfect travel companion to get to know the beautiful cities of Marbella, Puerto Banùs, Ronda and Malaga. But on this fun journey, how will the protagonist of today behave?

From the outside, the KIA EV6 2021 is original, futuristic and sporty, but… what is it in the end?

Let’s start immediately fromaesthetics asking the question I asked myself as soon as I saw it: but this KIA EV6… what is it? In a 2021 where SUVs are king, the KIA EV6 sports a rather high roofline, a decent ground clearance and a dominant driving position. These they are SUV elements, but everything else is absolutely not. From the photos, the KIA EV6 may seem a little too futuristic, but in reality it is fully convincing live.

The front it is the least strange and most elegant part, but also the most sporty and captivating. The headlights, Full LED as standard, are thin and elusive, with a beautiful light signature that sets it apart even at night. We do not find, on the front, the typical “Tiger Nose” of KIA, but an evolution of the grille that we have come to know, the Digital Tiger Face. The bonnet is massive and rather long, and gives a very marked dynamism to the front, also accentuated by the rather inclined windshield.

From the side, however, we understand how this EV6 (to be read in English “ee-vee-six”) is not a traditional car. The new stylistic language of KIA, in fact, is called Opposites United, opposites united, or as we would say in Italy, opposites attract … The pointed and sporty front and the high roof and the discreet height from the ground are joined by a very long stride of 2.9 meters, it’s a tail to say the least descending. From here, the lines of the SUV, the sports car on the front and the coupé on the rear somehow come together to form a really nice picture. The side of the EV6 is sporty, interesting, different from all the others. From here you can see the generous dimensions of the car: the KIA EV6 is in fact long 4.67 meters, 1.88 meters wide and 1.55 meters high, but watching it live EV6 looks even bigger.

I loved the i really muscular and massive rear wheel arches, with the roof decidedly narrower than the “shoulders”: looking in the mirrors, you always look at the muscular wheel arch and the generous spoiler, making the rear view very special. AND particular is also the watchword of the latter. KIA EV6 in 2021 brings to the debut a new stylistic language, already taken up also by the future Sportage. Which? The very descending line of the rear window and roof, here on the extreme EV6, combined with the huge LED optical group running from one side of the car to the other. Here the full-width light element, the trend of all the cars released in the last 5 years, becomes an integral part of the car, with a hinted “duck tail” spoiler which gives EV6 even more character.

The logo KIA, huge in the center of the tailgate, makes it unmistakable, while the position of the refill port is very particular, with the hatch hidden within the lines of the optical groups. Seeing it from all sides, EV6 destabilizes. It is a very beautiful and pleasant car to look at, which combines its lines very well by harmonizing very different concepts. For this reason, “closing it” in a specific segment is very difficult. It is not an SUV, nor a sedan, nor a coupe or a compact. How to call it? At KIA, they have chosen to take the concept of literally Crossover. This word now denotes SUVs less prone to off-roading, but it originally defined those cars that borrowed concepts from other styles, putting them together. KIA EV6 is a crossover of elements taken from SUVs, compacts, sports cars and coupes. Do we want to define it as a sport-crossover-coupe? Oh well come on, let’s just call it KIA EV6.

The wheelbase of 2.90 meters helps the habitability: the space inside the KIA EV6 is excellent, but there are those who do better. And what a quality!

Alongside their half-sister, the Hyundai Ioniq 5, these two cars look totally different. If the Ioniq 5 sports a retro look and a relaxing and comfortable environment, KIA EV6 focuses on a more dynamic and futuristic look, with a decidedly more marked youthful and sporty component. After studying it in every detail outside, it’s time to go up to theindoor of KIA EV6 where the modern and sporty theme continues.

Forgive us the comparison with the Ioniq 5, but I find it very interesting to see how, on the same platform, very different cars can be created.. If already from the outside, in fact, the differences are many making them seem two totally alien cars, even inside the KIA EV6 environment is much sportier and more futuristic. The cleanliness and retro minimalism of the Ioniq 5 leaves room for a sportier and more dynamic cabin, with some really interesting components. There is one in common between the two cars dashboard developed in width, very large and airy, and an excellent space for front and rear passengers. Both in front and behind the space is never lacking, although the dark sky and material finishes may make EV6 seem smaller than it actually is.

Even the trunk, also I 520 liters, it is decidedly capacious, and in addition we find a further one small front compartment of about 20 liters, useful for charging cables. but what makes the difference inside is the cockpit and the layout of the controls. The driving position is quite high but very comfortable, and you have everything at your fingertips. There dashboard, covered with a very special material, with a three-dimensional texture that is beautiful to see and touch, is dominated by the two 12.3-inch screens. The digital instrument cluster is comprehensive and easy to read, while the infotainment is the same seen on other KIAs. Fast, fluid, equipped with very interesting technical solutions such as the possibility of silencing the rear seat speakers, perfect for those with children. There is no shortage of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, for now wired.

But it is the central part that changes the cards on the table. Meanwhile, it surprised me a lot the dashboard for climate touch controls. First of all, the KIA EV6, like the Ioniq 5, is equipped with soft touch controls that are very easy to use even when driving. The party piece is the possibility, by clicking on the arrow of the navigator or on the climate fan, of completely change the available keys. With a touch, in fact, the controls change completely, with those of the climate giving way to the function keys of the multimedia system. The wheels for adjusting the temperature also become controls for the volume and to change the song or radio station. An innovative solution that really leaves you amazed. In addition, between the two front seats of KIA EV6 2021 we find one floating platform which houses several quick controls and the gear selector.

Under this dashboard, in fact, there is a huge glove compartment with several charging sockets, but above we find the wheel gear selector, very practical, and the controls for the heated and ventilated seats, the power button, two cup holders and a wireless charger for the smartphone. THEn definitive, the inside of the KIA EV6 2021 is really neat, spacious and technological. Compared to its sister Ioniq 5, KIA EV6 has a footprint sportier and more youthful, with a more striking technology but always easy and intuitive. By the way, we really enjoyed theimpianto audio Meridian Premium Sound from as many as 14 speakers, and it back of the front seats that integrates a coat hanger. For those who travel …