Milestone: Hot Wheels Unleashed increasingly protagonist

Milestone: Hot Wheels Unleashed sempre più protagonista thumbnail

During the latest DC ™ Kids Fandome, Milestone revealed a lot of new content coming, both free and premium, for its Hot Wheels Unleashed. There DC Super-Villains Racing Season will begin on November 11 offering all players a large number of content that can be unlocked by completing new challenges added specifically for the season.

Hot Wheels Unleashed: the launch trailer for the DC Super-Villains Racing Season

The DC Super-Villains Racing Season includes 6 themed vehicles, Bane, The Cheetah ™, Poison Ivy ™, Black Manta ™, Deathstroke ™, Harley Quinn ™, many basement and player profile customization items. The season will start on 11 November and end on 18 January 2022.

The Batman Expansion trailer

The Batman Expansion will bring a huge amount of new playable content with a brand new Gotham-inspired Career map to complete and a breathtaking new setting with many new tracks, the Batcave. The expansion also includes 5 themed vehicles, The Penguin, Robin ™ 2.0T, Armored Batman ™, Batman ™ Rebirth, The Joker ™ GT, a new Track Builder module, the Joker Funhouse Split and many themed customization items. The Batman Expansion is included in the HOT WHEELS ™ Pass Vol. 1 or can be purchased separately from December 2nd.

Hot Wheels Unleashed gives players the opportunity to drive cars as if they were playing with real toys. The gameplay includes adrenaline racing, a wide choice of Hot Wheels vehicles with different attributes and rarity levels that players can customize with different skins and jaw-dropping tracks set in places of everyday life with special track modules and interactive items. The game also includes a revolutionary Track Builder that allows players to customize tracks in any game environment and share them with the community.