Killnet ironically ‘praises’ CSIRT Italy

Killnet 'elogia' ironicamente il CSIRT Italia thumbnail

Russian hackers of Killnet they have ironically praised on Telegram the experts of CSIRT Italy, who organized the cybersecurity response for our country. Government specialists had warned Italian public administrations and companies of a possible Russian hacker attack yesterday. Which the Russians have defined “An irreparable blow“. But that doesn’t seem to have happened.

The Russian hackers of Killnet “praise” the experts of CSIRT Italy

The National Cybersecurity Agency has several tasks, including that of monitoring threats from foreign hackers to Italian companies and public entities. In this effort, they kept tabs on the Telegram channels on which the Killnet’s pro-Russian cybercriminals athey announce their blows.

In recent days, hackers had announced that the day of the 30 maggio 2022 it would have been very hard for the Italians. The hackers had announced an “irreparable blow” to the institutions and to the Italian economic system.

Today, hackers have instead spent their time taking iI go around the Italian defenses, after the widespread attacks yesterday.

The first tease takes the form of a GIF with a hanged man, with the CSRIT Italia logo in the background.

But most of the comments are ironic rather than directly aggressive. A post reads: “Italian CSIRT, the specialists are excellent who work in this organization. I have carried out thousands of attacks on such organizations, even cyberpol does not have such a system to filter millions of requests. At the moment I see that these guys are good professionals! Fake Italian government, I advise you to raise the salary of this team by several thousand dollars. CSIRT Accept my compliments, gentlemen! “

A second message says: “I only praised the site and their team. The remaining thousands of Italian sites that don’t work, it’s a shame. We will not publish this list because people have to see everything for themselves. I hope that the Italian monitoring system will do it for us ”.

Despite Killnet’s teasing, however, there were no truly sensational hits. The most pressing threat could have been a attack on Poste Italiane, but it turned out to be a software update problem.

However, attention remains high, the risk of attack for companies and institutions should not be underestimated. Also thanks to the work of the Italian CSIRT.

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