Kindles will begin to support ePub files

I Kindle inizieranno a supportare i file ePub thumbnail

The Kindles will support the ePub format, a real point of reference for the competitors of Amazon’s eBook readers. This is not, however, full support. The system provides, in fact, a particular procedure with the conversion of the EPUB provided by the user in a different format. Here are the full details on this novelty.

Kindles start to support ePub files but it won’t be native support

Support for ePubs by Kindles occurs indirectly. The file is, in fact, automatically converted to a KF8 file, the latest evolution of the Kindle File Format, and then sent to your reader. The procedure is a bit convoluted but it allows at least to have access to ePubs for all Kindle users.

An indirect support

Users will need to use Send to Kindle, available as an extension of Google Chrome or as an app for PC and Mac (or for devices with Android with the Amazon App Store). For more details on Send to Kindle you can consult the official support page.

It should be noted that the arrival of ePub support was confirmed by Amazon, without particular announcements but simply with an update of the Help & Customer Service section of its portal. The new feature was revealed by Goodreader.

According to initial information, support for sending ePub files to your Kindle should arrive during the second half of 2022. Further official updates on the issue could emerge in the coming weeks.

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