Kiprun GPS 900, the complete and intuitive multisport watch

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Excellent news for amateur athletes. Not only because the long, hot summer is over, and runners and cyclists can finally train without risking dehydration. But also why For some time now, a multisport GPS watch has been on the market that is both complete and truly intuitive to use.

It is the Kiprun GPS 900, born from the collaboration between Kiprun and Coros, which we tested for you (but also a little for us, being amateur marathon runners).

Let’s discover the peculiarities of the Kiprun GPS 900, and see how it performed both in training and as a tracker of daily activities.

Kiprun GPS 900

We were saying that the multisport watch was born from the collaboration between Kiprun (Decathlon brand) and Coros, a company whose product we reviewed a few weeks ago. And it entered the GPS sports watch market with a certain arrogance to break the ancient Garmin-Polar duopoly.

The liaison between Kiprun and Coros technology had already packaged the Kiprun 500 in 2022. The Kiprun GPS 900 is an advanced but at the same time simplified version (just think that the buttons go from four to two).

kiprun gps 900 back

The technical characteristics

Available at the recommended price of 249.99 euros, The Kiprun GPS 900 multisport watch, in black, weighs 58 grams. The silicone strap is easily replaceable.

It fully recharges in two hours, and autonomy is 30 hours in GPS mode (available in three different versions) or 80 hours in Ultramax mode (with less precise GPS detection).

Again thanks to GPS, the watch has a functionality that allows you to return to the starting point.

Equipped with altimeter, barometer, compass, stopwatch and metronomehas a 46 mm diameter case and a 64-color display, and is waterproof up to 5 atmospheres.

The product is compatible with Bluetooth smart technology, therefore it can be connected to the main heart rate monitors (which also work in water) and to the pods. Alternatively, the Kiprun has an optical heart rate reader on the wrist.

The Kiprun GPS 900 multisport watch records your everyday activities: steps, distance, activity time and calories burned. It also measures the quality and various phases of sleep in depth.

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The Coros app, accessible in all its features also for owners of the Kiprun GPS 900, is one of the strong points of the product.

It’s really simple to access (via QR Code), and the section dedicated to training is full of data and advice, including on recovery depending on the effort made in the last few days.

You can also build training plans, even transferring them from ad hoc sites such as TrainingPeaks.

Again via the app it is possible to customize the dials, both that of the watch and the one showing the training metrics.

Furthermore, Coros Training Hub is available on desktop, a very detailed and easy to consult interface.

The clock

The Kiprun GPS 900 is equipped, as per Coros tradition, with a button with ring and a traditional one. The traditional button works almost exclusively to go back in the menu or, if pressed for a long time from the home screen, to have the main menu at hand in a single screen.

The button with the ring has two functions: turning the ring up or down scrolls the menu, pressing the button confirms the selection.

Kiprun GPS 900 per lo sport

The Kiprun GPS 900 watch supports a large amount of sportsincluding track running (where you can select the lane you run in, to ensure maximum precision) and even rope jumping.

Through the app you can group the less practiced sports under the acronym Other sports.

He tests

We tested the Kiprun GPS 900 in a couple of workouts and for a few days as a daily activity tracker.

We were already familiar with the intuitive use of Coros products. The presence of only two buttons is most desirable, especially in long workouts, in which at a certain point lucidity may fail. The display is easy to read, the GPS is precise and the instantaneous pace – the catchphrase of every runner – is accurate.

The daily monitoring functions, especially sleep monitoring, are clear and rich in data, as well as easily readable via app or Coros Training Hub. Furthermore, thanks to Bluetooth technology you can receive smartphone notifications directly on the watch.

In short, the Kiprun GPS 900 is an excellent mid-range productsuitable for amateur athletes of any level, which has its two main strengths in its simplicity of use and excellent battery life.

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