Koinos Capital SGR: Platum acquired for 57 million euros

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Koinos Capital SGR, across the Fondo Koinos Uno as lead investor, and HAT SGR, through the HAT Technology & Innovation fund, announced the closing of the acquisition of the majority stake in Platumfor a value of approx 57 million euros. Founded in Calderara di Reno (Bologna) in 1977 by Emanuele Summa and Viviano Vece for the distribution of music and videos, Platum has gradually become a point of reference in the world of urban electric mobility thanks to the e-mobility division.

Koinos Capital SGR acquires Platum

Currently the Group, led by Alessandro Summa, is focused on the development of projects for sustainable urban mobility, producing electric scooters and e-bikes in collaboration with the main players in the automotive sector. Sustainability and Italian character are the guidelines of the corporate vision, the proposal of which includes the Argento by Pininfarina brand and urban electric mobility lines developed in collaboration with Ducati, Aprilia, Lamborghini, Jeep, Alfa Romeo, Lancia and VR46, the brand of Valentino Rossi born for the competition market.

The offer, characterized by a know-how italiano which has made quality, design and technological innovation its strengths, has allowed the e-mobility division to become the cornerstone of the Group, with growth that has gone from 35 million euros in turnover in 2020 to around 60 million euros in 2021 and plans to reach 100 million euros in 2022. The name Platumarises from a crasis of PLATform of Urban e-Mobilityto underline its commitment to the challenges of the new urban mobility.

For Koinos Capital, the operation saw the involvement of Marco Airoldi, Francesco Fumagalli, Marco Morgese and Tommaso Meregalli alongside President Beppe Fumagalli. For HAT, the transaction saw the involvement of the Chairman Nino Attanasio, the Chief Executive Officer Ignazio Castiglioni and the Director, Adriano Adriani.

Platum was assisted by PwC M&A as Financial Advisor with a team led by Pier Paolo Ferrando (Partner – Head of M&A) and composed of Davide Prandin (Director), Luca Gasperini (Senior Associate) and Paola Di Fazio (Associate) and by the law firm PwC TLS for the legal and contractual aspects with a team composed of Filippo Zucchinelli (Partner), Alvise Becker (Director) and Giulio Della Casa (Senior Manager) and for the labor law aspects by a team composed of Silvia Basile (Senior Manager) and Valentina Panettella (Associate).

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