La Casa di Carta: the last part from December 3 only on Netflix

The House of Paper. Finally the wait is over, from December 3 only on Netflix, the last part of the series most coveted by the large amateur audience arrives

La casa di Carta is a Spanish television series, created by Alex Pina Calafi producer, screenwriter and television director.

The paper house tells of a criminal who has the plan to rob the house Royal Mint of the Spain. To do this, however, the man hires eight people to help him in the enterprise. With only one rule, that no one should know anything about the other. In fact, to recognize themselves they nickname themselves with the names of the cities.

Only he, being the mastermind of the plan, calls himself the ” teacher ”Character played by Alvaro Morte, as the second recruit character Berlin, his brother, where at first this brotherhood is kept hidden then over time the secret is revealed.

Like other components we find Tokyo, the girl is recruited because she is already sought after in all of Spain and having nothing to lose, she joins the gang, the actress is Ursula Corbero, recently the woman has lent her face for Shiseido advertising.

La Casa di Carta: the last part from December 3 only on Netflix

The paper house: the last season

And then again Nairobi, delinquent, single mom, unaware of where her child might be. Then Rio, the youngest of the group recruited for his international hacking prowess, e Oslo ed Helsinki, two former Serbian soldiers, e fly e Denver, father and son.

Over the course of the series, other characters will then be added such as Lisbon, first as an inspector of the gang’s case, then for a series of vicissitudes as their ally, she even becomes the professor’s companion. And then again Marseille, Palermo, Bogota, Manila, and Stockholm.

During the series, however, the episodes in favor of the protagonists go hand in hand with the episodes against, in fact some of the characters remain dry. One of the many is Tokyo, the co-star of the much loved series. That with his death, it is deduced that he will take away Gandia, one of the most ruthless characters. Head of the Governor’s guards.

The death of Tokyo, although tragic, is also memorable since she herself, together with the professor, is the narrator of the Paper House.

But to keep the viewers anchored in the chair is also a rumor that the fans would have deduced from the episodes of the penultimate part. That is, the entry of a new member, Madrid, Alicia sierra, played by Najwa Nimri, famous for taking part in another Spanish television series, in the role of a bad criminal: Zulema.

Also inspector against the gang of the Paper House. Pregnant. Where for a series of things the woman is estranged from her fellow men and publicly denigrated. Only when alone, she manages to track down the professor and is about to make her move, her waters break, and she is forced to accept the teacher’s help because the baby is placed in the breech position.

So we just have to wait for December 3 for the release of the season finale. Where we will finally see our protagonists where they will end up. And if they manage to escape as they did in the past.

And you? What is your favorite character? What do you think of the Paper House? Your opinion is important to us, let us know in the comments.

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