Twitter testa l’introduzione di annunci sponsorizzati nelle risposte ai tweet thumbnail

Twitter tests ads in tweet replies

For now it is only a test, and the functionality is still far from the official landing on Twitter.

Twitter tests the ads in the tweet replies

You’re noticing that in your feed Twitter is there more advertising than usual? Don’t worry, it’s just a test that the platform is putting in place. As reported by The Verge, in fact, the social network would be testing the advertisements in the responses to tweets. Specifically, the ads should be visible under the first, third and eighth response to tweets.

This is obviously a test that concerns only some profiles, taken as a sample for the experiment. At the moment this testing phase is active for both android and iOS users.

Bruce Falk, Revenue Product Leader, says the option could incentivize new advertisers to sponsor on the platform. However, it should be emphasized, as also stated by the portal, that qhis functionality is far from officially approved. In fact, it is not known how the Twitter community will accept this invasion of sponsorships.

The move, while it may displease many users, is perfectly in line with Twitter’s will of diversify sources of revenue. In fact, we have already told you about the new features Blue and Tips. While the former is a subscription service for the platform, the latter is a useful tool for creators. Ads in responses could therefore be another step in this direction.

After all, these would be essential features for remain competitive, attracting creators accustomed to making money with posts sponsored on Instagram and TikTok.

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