LAN-Gate, IIDEA: solidarity with managers, no alarmism

LAN-Gate, IIDEA: solidarietà ai gestori, no allarmismi thumbnail

The company that represents the videogame industry in Italy IIDEA expressed solidarity with the managers of LAN rooms that have suffered the seizure of PCs and consoles during the so-called “LANGate“. According to the Association, the intervention of the Customs and Monopoly Agency to impose the approval of gaming machines should not apply in this case. And therefore invites to avoid alarmism and work together to find a solution.

LAN-Gate, IIDEA expresses solidarity with the managers and invites them to clarify

IIDEA hopes that the interpretation of thearticle 110 TULPS. And leftovers makes himself available to find a more correct classification of the activities. Which are not part of the world of gambling or sport, but of the video game industry.

Also the Association invites to do not confuse LAN rooms with the entire eSports ecosystem. Leagues, tournaments and competitions played for prizes or just for fun. Even in this case, however, IIDEA reminds us that it has been asking for clear regulations on events and prizes for a long time. That they can regulate and relaunch the sector.

To date, the only European country that has introduced clear legislation is the France. Which specifies that esports are neither sports nor gambling, so they should not be regulated as such.

Thalita Malagò, General Manager of IIDEA he explains: “Where the Italian government deems it necessary to intervene, IIDEA hopes that any assessment will be carried out by looking at the evolution of the esports sector in the European context, both in terms of the market and regulatory changes. In this way, there is no risk of damaging or undermining Italy’s competitiveness, making it less attractive for investors from other countries ”.

Furthermore, Malagò claims that the European Union has already drawn up a report non-legislative “on Esports and video games” (2022/2027 (INI))which clarifies how this issue should find European-level standards.

To learn more about the eSport topic, here you will find the guide promoted by ISFE Esports, Entertainment Software Association (USA), Entertainment Software Association of Canada, Interactive Games and Entertainment Association (Australia and New Zealand), and Interactive Software Federation of Europe, of which IIDEA is a member.

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