LAN-Gate, LAN room managers demand clear regulations

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After closure of three LAN and eSports halls in Italy (the so-called LANGate), the managers ask normative clear about the sector. And they openly invite the Excise Agency, Customs and Monopoly (ADM) and the MISE to sit at the table to find shared solutions.

LAN-Gate, LAN room managers ask for shared regulations

After what the managers define as an “earthquake within the eSports and videogame sector”, there is the will and the urgency to find shared solutions. For this reason, a representation of holders of eSports Center, Sale Lan, Simulation Center, VR Center he wanted to ask a single voice for a meeting.

In fact, they think that greater legislative clarity is needed, with a “working table between the parties, which regulates the market in a clear and definitive way”. A direct confrontation with institutions, in particular the ADM and the Ministry for Economic Development. To discuss how to update dated norms to modern customs. But also to unlock the economic potential of a very dynamic market.

For managers, it is necessary to find shared solutions to regulate “an innovative and complex sector such as the one that includes the organization of tOrnei eSports, Teams, Players and everything revolves around a market that currently lives, in fact, in a regulatory gray area but offers work to thousands of people and is managed for the vast majority by young entrepreneurs. “

So they ask for an open table also to the associations of videogame developers. In addition to the federations and CONI.

The invitation is signed by Ak Informatica, The Game Spot, PC-TEKLAB, VG Informatica SRLS, D2D Simulation, Gold Fox Gaming SPA, Il Mago Di Dos di Lodi N., Reghium Esports ASD, Playground 2.0 S.r.l., Login center srl, Driving Simulation Center, Di. Gi. Games snc.

This complicated situation could find a solution in dialogue. We will keep you informed.

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