Lazio-Bologna: dove vedere la partita?

Lazio-Bologna: where to watch the match?

Football Sunday opens with the usual lunch match: but where to watch Lazio-Bologna? Let’s find out in this article

I television rights they are an integral part of a new football that has, in recent years, “swept away” the old (and much loved) sport of the past. These new technologies represent an advantage for the clubs, given that Serie A finds itself divided between Sky and DAZN, which however holds full exclusivity. The problem arises above all for users and fans, forced to search for numerous news items to complete the information picture. Therefore this article has a clear purpose: to explain where to see Lazio-Bologna and who will be the protagonists of the challenge.

The day 25 shows a beautiful lunch match between two teams competing for a slice of Europe. The Biancocelesti can no longer make mistakes, the Emilians run at a brisk pace.

Lazio-Bologna: where to watch the match?

Where to watch Lazio-Bologna: will it be possible to watch the match on Sky? The answer is no!

Fifth in the standings with 42 points, the Bologna by Thiago Motta is living (and realizing) a dream. The Emilian team has won several direct matches and therefore wants to believe in the Conference League or even the Europa League. This would be an excellent achievement and a relevant test bed. In seventh position with 37 points is La Lazio of Sarri, a club in recovery and in confidence, but which has made far too many missteps. Let’s find out then where you can see Lazio-Bolognabe your Sky or your DAZN.

The second company mentioned, founded in London a few years ago, has carved out an important space for itself in this great world of football. In fact, at present only DAZN offers the entire Serie A calendar. The service is able to be enriched with Serie B challenges and PFC and UFC matches. The monthly subscription gives you the opportunity to evaluate two options: the standard package at the cost of 30,99 € and the plus a package 45,99 €, which guarantees the use of the application from two devices at the same time. Just click on direct link which links to the official website.

Focusing on Sky, we can see a completely different service. The package offers the viewing of three Serie A matches per day, but extends the offer with women’s football matches and matches of foreign clubs. Added to these are European commitments, namely the Champions League, UEFA Europa League and UEFA Conference League. The programming is enhanced with the addition of other sports, respectively Tennis, NBA, Formula 1 and MOTOGP. The subscription costs €14.99 per monthreferring to link which recalls NOWTV.

Having closed the issue of platforms, let’s give an answer to the initial question: Lazio-Bologna will be broadcast exclusively on DAZN. We take to the pitch on Sunday 18th February at 12.30pm, with the match taking place at the Olympic Stadium in Rome. We remind you how important it is to have a VPN, useful for protecting us from the dangers of the internet.

Lazio-Bologna, probable lineups

I dream of Europe, between fear of not meeting expectations and fear of getting too burned.

Below are the probable formations:

LAZIO (4-3-3): Provedel; Lazzari, Gila, Patric, Marusic; Guendouzi, Cataldi, Luis Alberto; Isaksen, Immobile, Felipe Anderson.

BOLOGNA (4-2-3-1): Skorupski; Posch, Beukema, Calafiori, Kristiansen; Fabbian, Aebischer; Orsolini, Ferguson, Saelemaekers; Circus.

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