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Lego Marvel Super Heroes arrives on Nintendo Switch in October

The famous video game Lego Marvel Super Heroes, after many years from the first release, finally arrives also on the Nintendo Switch hybrid console. It will arrive on the shelves of physical and virtual stores starting from 7 October, including 3 DLCs released on other platforms after the release.

The Marvel brand over the years has won millions and millions of fans, and certainly the same can be said of the Lego one. Lego Marvel Super Heroes is there transposition of the Marvel comic universe in a Lego key, with all the characters and the game world made up of the most famous bricks ever.

The features of Lego Marvel Super Heroes

The video game was originally released in October 2013, and the trailer in the article is the original which dates back to 8 years ago. The developers of Warner Bros. Games, TT Games and partners The LEGO® Group and Marvel Entertainment, however, have well thought of dusting this pearl for Nintendo’s hybrid console.

Players will be able to freely explore the game world with their favorite characters from the Marvel universe. As you progress through the adventure, they will unlock more and more heroes and super villains that you can use, increasing the fun and getting to collect more than 100 iconic characters.

The story proposed by the main campaign is original and told with all the irony typical of Lego video games, designed to be enjoyed both by a more experienced audience and by the youngest. The gameplay of the game features a combination of exploration, fighting e resolution of puzzles. The view is in the third person.

Additional content included in the Switch version

As for the previously released content that will already be included in the Switch version, here is what the developers announced:

Super Pack of LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: Get ready to smash even more bricks with new Super Heroes, Super Villains, Vehicles and Racing. Transform into one of your favorite characters: Black Phoenix, Winter Soldier, Spider-Man Symbiote, Hawkeye, Falcon and Beta Ray Bill.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Asgard Pack: Wreak havoc as the vengeful Malekith and the evil Kurse, the LEGO villain. Play as Jane Foster and the warrior lady of Asgard. Defend the universe with Odin and the three warriors: Volstagg, Hogun and Fandral.

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