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Lenco LS 50 pink

with the series LS-50 the Dutch company Lenco offers vinyl enthusiasts an all in one, economical solution able to satisfy the neophyte looking for an easy solution. The LED version of the LS-50 is also equipped with a lighting that goes to the beat of the music, taking us back to the times of home parties of the 80s / 90s.

Already the LS-400 series we talked about about a month ago, had aroused some interest among our readers, today with the LS-50 series the Dutch brand wants to offer a record player even simpler and even cheaper, without forgetting that it is extremely easy to use.

The Lenco LS-50 turntable is simple and inexpensive.

With the LS-400 series, Lenco has attracted the attention of many enthusiasts thanks to the affordable prices (starting from 269 Euros), the fact of being all in one, without forgetting the ease of use.

Today with the LS-50 turntables the challenge is even more ambitious. To be able to keep costs down, this all in one is equipped with two speakers incorporated in the front feet, capable of delivering a total power of 4 Watts. The LS-400 series models, on the other hand, have 4 speakers for a total power of 40 Watts. On the LS-50 turntable is also no Bluetooth connectivity.

There are 5 models in the range in total and they are all equipped with a beltvariable reading speed a 33, 45 and 78 rpm, MDF wood frame and ceramic head. Present a mechanism to raise and lower the arm avoiding jolts of the head on the vinyl. On the back there is one RCA output to connect, for example, speakers and a very comfortable one USB type A to digitize your vinyls.

There are a total of seven finishes available, with the exception of the LS50-LED model available in the black finish only. About the LED model know that you can adjust thelighting choosing from various colors and deciding whether to set the light to the rhythm of the music or to your liking. It is also possible to exclude the lighting.

Lenco LS 50 pink

Prices, availability and conclusions

The prices are really competitive, in fact we are talking about figures that should be around 156,00 Euro for model LS-50 Wood e 180,00 Euro for the LS-50 LED model. For more precise information on the price lists, you can contact the Italian distributor Tecnofuturo.

As far as we are concerned, if you are looking for a solution to give new life to your parents’ vinyls or still want to make a first approach to the world of turntables, the Lenco LS-50 series is able to let you taste this world without the need for it. of particular technical knowledge. Although LS-50 turntables are less complete than those of the LS-400 series, they can still give you a first step into this world.

Besides being ideal for those looking for a first approach to turntables, the LS-50 series is also an interesting solution to be used in the office at moderate volumes or as a background in a second home system. The investment required seems to us, at least on paper, commensurate with the cost.

Obviously, if you want a more versatile and powerful solution and the higher cost is not a problem, the LS-400 series is certainly more complete and above all equipped with Bluetooth.

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Happy reading and good analog listening to all.

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