Lenovo: Introduces the new Legion 7 gaming laptop series

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The new generation Lenovo Legion Slim 7i and 7 is the one with the maximum portability in the 16-inch gaming pc market, they are the most powerful gaming laptops in the world

Lenovo presented the new generation from laptop and gaming, plus elegant and powerful that never. Here are the laptops Lenovo Legion 7i and 7 (16″, 7), e i thin & light Lenovo Legion Slim 7 e 7i (16 ″, 7). At the pinnacle of gaming performance, the newcomers are currently the most powerful gaming laptops on the market. Also, the category gaming QHD from 16 ″ is enriched by the new ones Legion Slim 7i and 7the new generation laptops plus thin and lighti, now available with display in 16:10 to satisfy both play and work sessions.

The new Lenovo Legion 7 series surpasses all expectations by introducing a number of innovations to balance the new needs of the gamer and gods professional players. These new devices not only have the battery with the greatest capabilities in the gaming laptop market 16-inch, but are also the first 16-inch laptops equipped with webcam FHD3 to further enhance the sessions streamingand are the first 16-inch gaming laptops with WQXGA (2560 × 1600) 4. These laptops with Windows 11 dal design minimallong-lasting battery and thermal system optimized by A.I. extremely quiet, they are designed for maximum performance even on the move.

Ouyang Junvice president and general manager del Consumer Business Segment, Intelligent Devices Group di Lenovo ha dichiarato:

Lenovo Legion has always represented the highest performance in the gaming sector, combining the personal and professional spheres of gamers, these PCs adapt wherever you go, whether it is a tournament in a stadium, at school, in a meeting room. More stylish and more powerful than ever, the seventh generation of Lenovo Legion laptops are built to push the boundaries and deliver a smarter gaming experience at peak performance.

Lenovo: Introduces the new Legion 7 gaming laptop series

Lenovo Legion 7i and 7: maximum performance

As the world’s most powerful 16 “gaming laptop, Lenovo Legion 7i and 7 (16”, 7) are designed for maximum performance during gaming sessions. Among the new elements of design of these laptops, particularly elegant and sporty, there are zipper and I / O control. Made in aluminum and magnesiummetals used in aerospace grade within a unibody design, the new laptops feature a slim and minimal CNC metal which accentuates the incredible power of the PC. L’ambient RGB lighting with effects on the keyboard and on the finishing it is synchronized to the contents displayed on the screen.

Keyboard improvements too Lenovo Legion TrueStrike with curved keys for deeper typing than the previous generation. The new function WASD Force Sensor Technology with interchangeable keys optional 5 allows players to speed up the pace during gaming sessions simply by increasing the pressure.

Inside the elegant chassis, pure power is hidden. Visually thinner than the previous generation with just 19 mm thick, Lenovo Legion 7i and 7 combine cutting-edge design with the latest graphics cards, processors, and storage in a 2.5kg chassis. These powerful machines also deliver great autonomythanks to a 99,99 Whr, largest capacity available on the market for a 16 ″ 1 gaming laptop with fast charging via USB Type-C fino a 135 Whr.6

Lenovo: Introduces the new Legion 7 gaming laptop series

World’s first gaming laptops with WQXGA displays

As the world’s first gaming laptop with a display WQXGA 16-inch4, Lenovo Legion 7i and 7 are available with a aspect ratio 16:10 higher and with maximum brightness up to 1250 nitfull coverage of the calibrated color space DCI-P3, High Dynamic Range and certification TUV Eyesafe.8 Gamers can choose from three panel options with varying refresh rates up to 240 Hz (standard 165 Hz) for everyday use, smoother gameplay sessions for e-Sports where every frame counts, and cinematic viewing quality with incredible color accuracy.

Equipped with software Tobii Horizonwhich offers a more gaming experience immersive, and Tobii Aware, which uses intelligent sensor technology to improve user safety, privacy and well-being. They have processors Intel Core HX Series o AMD Ryzen 9 6900HX up to the twelfth generation, laptop GPU NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti (up to 175W TGP) or mobile graphics card AMD Radeon RX 6850M XTmemory DDR5 e storage PCIe SSD Gen 49 all optimized for maximum performance thanks to Lenovo Legion AI Engine 2.0. This artificial intelligence application is able to predict the fan curve, and balance the output of GPU and CPU resources in real time according to the type of game to provide the best performance.

Calibration via AI also allows you to intelligently upgrade the thermal system Lenovo Legion Coldfront 4.0 to cool the GPU and CPU, while the laptop’s vapor chamber technology pushes the boundaries of what’s possible for a gaming laptop by achieving desktop-grade GPU performance, with a thermal capacity of up to 115W senza throttling. Thermals also include a reduction in 67% fan blades compared to the previous generation by improving airflow, a composite thermal coating for faster heat transfer, a larger surface area and vents under the keyboard.

Lenovo: Introduces the new Legion 7 gaming laptop series

Lenovo Legion Slim 7i and 7: the freedom to create new worlds

As the thinnest and lightest 16-inch Lenovo Legion gaming laptop on the market, the new Lenovo Legion Slim 7i and 7 (16 “, 7) are designed for maximum power during gaming sessions and content creation with a design particularly refined and minimal. Available in colors Storm e Onyx Grey, the structure of the metal cladding with processing CNC it is light (2kg) and slim (16mm), thanks to the case unibody made with aerospace grade metals, aluminum and magnesium. Thanks to the high quality of the design, they adapt to any environment, from a space of co-working at an e-Sports tournament, always taking up the same space as a 15-inch laptop.

The new Lenovo Legion Slim 7 laptop series offers greater freedom of movement, while maintaining the highest levels of power and performance thanks to 12th Generation Intel Core H Series o AMD Ryzen 9 6900HX. Users will not have to worry about carrying different adapters with them while on the go thanks to the improvements made to the dashboard I/O con ingresso HDMI 2.1and incredible battery capacity from 99.99Whr with a quick charge USB Type-C fino a 135 Whr6.

The large 16 ”display allows gamers to enter new worlds with incredibly high definition brilliant colors and shadows, software support for color calibration, wide dynamic range, and color accuracy up to DCI P3 – without ever straining the eyes , with certification TUV Rheinland Gold Label.8 Compared to the previous generation, Lenovo Legion Slim 7 has expanded the active area ratio of the 16 ”WQXGA displays from 86% to 93%, with a 16:10 aspect ratio for even more immersive viewing. Lenovo Legion Slim 7 is available in three panel options10 with stunning variable refresh rates up to 240Hz (standard 165Hz) and optional Mini-LED.

Inside this elegant chassis, Lenovo Legion Slim 7i and 7 are equipped with applications of artificial intelligence in Lenovo Legion Coldfront 4.0 thermal management system and with Lenovo Legion AI Engine 2.0 to balance the output of GPU and CPU resources for even better performance. The laptops are also equipped with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 GPU (up to 100W TGP enhanced) or AMD Radeon RX 6800S mobile graphics, with DDR5 memory and PCIe Gen 4 SSD storage.

Lenovo: Introduces the new Legion 7 gaming laptop series

Prices and availability for the Italian market

The seventh generation brings improvements to the thermal system, including an increase in the size of the 29%; 31% plus vanes in the liquid crystal polymer fans, which are also thinner than the 40%, and thanks to a double fan system they spin at a speed of 100 rpm; added a specific copper heat sink for GPU VRAM; as well as a thermal compound coating to further enhance the effectiveness of the heat sink.

In addition, Lenovo’s engineers have implemented an air intake system under the keys with over 1,172 vents, where each key features a 1.3mm soft landing system for more accurate and faster typing. Overall, these design and engineering improvements combine to bring fan noise to a level below 30 decibel in mode Stealth, which roughly corresponds to the sound of a whisper. Up all Lenovo Legion PCs there is aspecific application for the world gamingto further simplify the gaming experience.

Legion 7 AMD Advantage Edition with processor AMD Ryzen will be available starting from 2799,00€. Legion Slim 7i with processor Intel Core will be available starting from 2199,00€. Legion 7i with processor Intel Core will be available starting from 3199,00€. While Legion Slim 7 AMD Advantage Edition it is not al time expected for the market Italian. The availability of new ones PC Legion for the Italian market is expected byestate on the dedicated website Lenovo.com/it and in the best retail chains.

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