Lenovo registra una trimestrale da record thumbnail

Lenovo never stops: ninth consecutive quarter of growth

Lenovo never stops: ninth consecutive quarter of growth thumbnail

Lenovo Group continues to growby registering a new record quarter. The results of the first quarter of fiscal year 2022/2023, in fact, certify the growth of Lenovo which closed the ninth consecutive quarter with an increase in turnover and profitability. For the company, therefore, this is an excellent result which confirms the solidity of its activities.

Lenovo closes a positive quarter continue its growth program

For Lenovo they register almost $ 17 billion in revenue during the quarter just ended. This is a slightly higher figure (+ 0.2%) compared to last year’s figure. Also noteworthy is a growth innet profit which stops at 516 million euros with an increase of + 11% compared to the data of the previous year. It should be noted that Lenovo has registered a significant growth in revenues from non-PC activities which represent 37% of the total. This is a result that certifies the excellent work done by Lenovo in diversifying its range of services and products.

Yuanqing Yang, Presidente e CEO di Lenovo, says, “We successfully expanded our business and improved profitability for the ninth consecutive quarter, while the non-PC business revenue mix reached 37%. These are the results of our strategic vision and strong execution capability, coupled with operational resilience. Although external challenges may persist in the short term, the ongoing path to digitization tends to accelerate and the hybrid business model is here to stay ”.

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