Lenovo, new IT infrastructure solutions for midsize businesses

Lenovo, nuove soluzioni di infrastruttura IT per le medie imprese thumbnail

Lenovo launches a new offer, designed to create uan IT infrastructure tailored for medium-sized companies. The suite includes new servers, storage and services which also allow you to work intelligently remotely and accelerate innovation.

Lenovo, new solutions for edge-to-cloud IT infrastructure

70% of companies in midsize companies will increase their IT investments by the end of 2022. The digital transformation runs faster and faster. As he explains Kamran Amini, Vice President e General Manager Server & Storage, Lenovo Infrastructure Solutions Group: “Digital transformation is an unstoppable process and therefore the choice of adequate infrastructures and services is of strategic importance for every company, as it can unlock its potential by expanding opportunities and fueling growth.

Amini continues: “By working with our broad ecosystem of channel partners and solution providers, we have been able to optimize the new suite of IT infrastructure and TruScale services for the benefit of midsize businesses to help them improve customer service, accelerate sales and deploy next generation applications so they can grow their business sustainably. “

The new solutions

For this reason Lenovo has launched a new line of single socket servers: ThinkSystem V2. They are designed to work efficiently in terms of energy and noise, adapting to different environments. The new ones ThinkSystem ST50 V2, ST250 V2 e SR250 V2 allow you to flexibly position your data center. And with storage Lenovo ThinkSystem DM5100F even growing is easy. In fact, it also adapts to manage data from the edge to the cloud.

To manage them you can use the new software Lenovo XClarity, with a simple dashboard for IT management. Which allows 90% of assistance calls to be closed within three minutes. Dispatched companies who want to enable remote working can also use Lenovo TruScale for Hosted Desktopswhich combines comfort and safety.

The solutions also improve your security. Indeed the servers ThinkSystem V2 con ThinkShield Security and award-winning storage solutions ThinkSystem DM with built-in automatic ransomware protection.

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