Lenovo’s new smart ways to create the right atmosphere in the modern home

Le nuove modalità smart di Lenovo per creare l’atmosfera giusta nella casa moderna thumbnail

Lenovo announces the new watch Lenovo Smart Clock Essential con Alexa integrata, the latest home use device from Lenovo’s innovative smart home lineup designed to make home life easier and more convenient.

Lenovo Smart Clock Essential: a simple and effective smart home

The Lenovo Smart Clock Essential is theresmart watch of the future that adapts to any environment. It also comes with exciting Alexa, which allow the user to always remain connected. Reminders, timers or alarm settings, Alexa is always ready to help you.

You just need a simple one voice command to add items to your Amazon cart and to check yours smart home. With this device you can manage all your home devices with ease and speed.

Check it out time and the weather forecast on the large LED display, visible even if placed on the other side of the room thanks to the bold lettering. If you prefer, however, you can ask Alexa for everything. Created to be the ideal companion to store on the bedside table, just one touch to cancel or silence an alarm. Moreover, it allows you to sleep peacefully thanks to the brightness reduction function.

The absence of the video camera and the presence of an integrated switch to stop listening to the microphones give the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential with integrated Alexa features such as let the user sleep peacefully, aware that privacy is a top priority for Lenovo.

The harmonious aesthetic of the body is proposed in two chromatic shades: Misty Blue e Clay Red. The whole is then completed by a hugging soft fabric that matches almost any type of furniture. Lenovo also included a porta USB standard so you can easily recharge your smartphone.

If, on the other hand, you love music, use the clock as smart speaker to listen to streaming songs by connecting to the Wi-Fi network. Speaker full-range da 3W lights up filling the room with clear sound and positive vibes.

Lenovo Ambient Light Dock

Choose according to your style thanks to several customizable modes time display or choose one of the optional smart docking accessories in the Lenovo ecosystem to customize your Smart Clock Essential. If you wish, you can just start from Lenovo Ambient Light Dock.

The device can be used as night light on the support base of the clock to illuminate the environment in a natural way with eight different modes. It is also capable of producing one rhythmic motion light with intermittent colors for a zen moment.

Ambient Light Docks are inspired bymarine environment and expand the possibilities of customizing the Lenovo Smart Clock experience, alongside the existing one Lenovo wireless charging dock with night light introduced last year.

The company also offered new bezel updates Lenovo Smart Frame. Designed to rediscover and treasure your favorite family images to show off in your living room, bedroom or study, the Lenovo Smart Frame no longer requires a Google Photo account for uploading photographs.

You just need your mobile phone to load the pictures into the frame’s built-in memory. A further novelty is the ability to leave on the screen for loved ones or roommates virtual sticky notes with messages. The function of programming e setting Schedule ensures that messages are displayed only when needed.

Pricing and availability in the USA

  • Lenovo Smart Clock Essential con Alexa integrata is expected to be available starting January 2022 at a base price of $ 59.99.
  • Lenovo Ambient Light Dock with integrated Alexa a base price of $ 29.99 is expected to be available in the first quarter of 2022.
  • The Lenovo wireless charging dock with night light is now available (compatible with Lenovo Smart Clock 2).
  • Lenovo Smart Frame is now available in North America and Australia.

Prices and availability for the Italian market will be communicated later. For more information, you can consult the Lenovo official website.