Lethal Company: how to play, tips and tricks

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Lethal Company could be a rather complex game, especially in the initial stages: in this guide we have written some tricks and tips on how to play Lethal Company without too much difficulty, take notes, because they will come in very useful!

Have you just been hired at the Lethal Company and you need to prepare to face terrifying monsters and explore various moons? So I hate to tell you this, my friend, but you’re in big trouble. Do not fear! Here you will find all the tricks on how to play Lethal Company, to make your gaming experience easier. Let’s start with the premise: this is a game roguelike (this genre is becoming very popular lately), in short you will have to kill as many enemies as possible and survive the various dungeons, even if there are the necessary upgrades which make the game easier. But power-ups aren’t the only things that could help you!

The scanner is your best friend | Lethal Company: how to play, tips and tricks

As we said before, this is a roguelike with lots of dungeons, but do you know what you can find in the dungeons? I loot. The loots, however, are often hidden, which makes everything more complicated, BUT, fortunately from the beginning of the game your character has one scanner incorporated into the suit. All you have to do is press the right mouse button and the scanner will reveal all the loots that are nearby with a green text indicating the name and value of the loot. He has been using the scanner since first building where you enter, you will definitely find some very useful loot. Tip: The scanner can also show you the way when you don’t have a flashlight. Furthermore, the scanner also detects creatures with red writing, although not all of them are dangerous.

Lethal Company: how to play, tips and tricks

Get a weapon | Lethal Company: how to play, tips and tricks

When you land on the first moon, you will already have 60 currency points to spend. You can see them by opening the ship’s terminal and it is essential to purchase resources for survival, above all a torch and a shovel. If you’re playing with friends, unfortunately you won’t have enough points for everyone, so it’s best for one of you to take a torch and another a weapon to defend yourself. The shovel can also help you escape from small groups of enemies surrounding you.

Lethal Company: how to play, tips and tricks

Remember the road you travel | Lethal Company: how to play, tips and tricks

Another big problem that you may encounter again in this game is that of get lost on the map. Every time you enter a building, there are tons of streets and paths that form a real labyrinth in which it is very easy to get lost. Therefore, one fundamental thing that you absolutely must do is to remember the road you travelbecause otherwise, if you catch a monster hunting you and you have to escape, forgetting where the way out is will lead to certain death. Tip: leave some objects or players in some important points of the map so as not to lose sight of the escape route.

Lethal Company: how to play, tips and tricks

Learn to use the terminal | Lethal Company: how to play, tips and tricks

While on the ship, you will notice a large screen that shows where all the players are and has a lever that starts the ship and a terminal with many other functions. This terminal will be very useful for you buy items, sell them to the Company, navigate between the various moons and even remove obstacles for your friends. It may seem a little difficult at first to understand how to use the terminal, but here are the main commands that you absolutely need to learn.

  • Lune: Shows all the moons you can visit and the weather effects. At the beginning you will definitely have to avoid moons with storms, floods and eclipses. You can type in the moon you want to land on and take your first run.
  • Company: This command takes you to the Company building, where you can sell your items and see how much the company offers.
  • Shop: here you can see all the items on sale. Check it often to see if they’re selling anything interesting.
  • Bestiary: as we have already said, you can slaughter enemies by getting close to them. Once analyzed, these will be visible in the bestiary.

Lethal Company: how to play, tips and tricks

Track time | Lethal Company: how to play, tips and tricks

When you exit the ship, you can see a window indicating the time. This is to always keep an eye on, although unfortunately once you enter the building you can no longer see it. Keep track of the time, because at midnight the ship abandons the moon alone, leaving you behind. Even if you are inside the building, you will receive a notification when midnight is approaching, when the ship is about to depart, or when a dead player recalls the ship. Here because keeping an eye on the time is a matter of life and death.

Lethal Company: how to play, tips and tricks

The more you are, the better | Lethal Company: how to play, tips and tricks

Although in Lethal Company you can create a private server to play solo (maybe even scaring yourself more), playing in the company of friends has many benefits. First of all, you don’t have to worry too much, since there will always be a friend watching your back, but there are other benefits:

  • If you are multiple players, one of you can stay on the ship the whole time to use the terminal, warn you of approaching enemies, open doors and disable turrets.
  • In case all but one poor unfortunate survive, you can buy a teleporter that takes the player back to the ship, thus avoiding losing money. Or you can sell the corpses for profit.
  • There is a very annoying enemy, similar to the spidery creature from Alien, which it clings to your face, limits your vision and hearing, and there’s nothing you can do to get it off. The only remedy is for a friend of yours to hit you with a weapon.
  • Hives can spawn anywhere on the map and they are the items with the highest value in the game. The only way to get them, however, is to distract the bees with the help of a friend while you get the item.

Lethal Company: how to play, tips and tricks

Learn to face enemies | Lethal Company: how to play, tips and tricks

Whether outside or inside the building, encountering monsters is inevitable. Sure, maybe the scanner can give you some little advice on how to deal with a certain enemy, but you will have to learn to deal with them on your own. Fortunately, in the game you can encounter a lot of ridges that block enemies and you can use them to your advantage against thumpers, spiders and slimes. All you have to do is stand on the high ground and hit the enemies from there.

The guide ends here, we hope these tips have been helpful to you. Continue to follow us on techgameworld.com for many other guides and news from the world of video games!