In Powerwash Simulator è ora possibile ripulire Midgar, direttamente da Final Fantasy thumbnail

Let’s clean up Midgar in Powerwash Simulator

Publisher Square Enix Collective and developer FuturLab today released a new Free DLC for Powerwash Simulatorwhich leads players to Midgar, iconic location straight from the Final Fantasy franchise. Obviously a very dirty Midgar, to be cleaned with pressure washer pumps and degreasers.

The expansion was created in collaboration with the Final Fantasy VII team, for a crossover as atypical as it is irresistible.

Powerwash Simulator: Let’s clean up Midgar!

The DLC introduces five new levels featuring iconic locations: ranging from cozy Seventh heaven unbelievable Hall of mako energy.

The free expansion is available today on all platforms (Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC). Recall that Powerwash Simulator is included in the Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass catalog.

After a preview of Powerwash Simulator last year, our reaction has been enthusiastic. Our review reads:

“There is a sort of masochistic satisfaction in seeing something dirty and encrusted. The satisfaction that, with a good job, something wonderful could come out of it. This is the pulsating engine of Powerwash Simulator which, with few controls and a simple game mechanic, gives us an entire city to clean up, with jets of water that make the stains disappear to give us bright colors and a better world. The game allows us to choose the power of the jet and equip ourselves with extensions to clean the less accessible areas. The presence of tools such as ladders also gives us the ability to choose how and where to start our cleaning process.”

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