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Let’s Get Fit has been released and is now available

Let’s Get Fit, the fitness game developed by Voxler and Exkee and published by Ravenscourt, is now available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

100 different fitness exercises, predefined and customized workouts and much more, in a combination of the sports strap set and Joy-Con ™ controllers to get the most out of your workout; obviously with the accurate motion detection that will help the user to perform the exercises correctly for an effective and safe training session.

No difference between a quick workout, with one of the predefined routines, or a session focused on a specific muscle group with a much more customized training session, Let’s Get Fit covers – as mentioned – 100 different exercises with infinite ways to combine them on your specific needs .

But that’s not all, because there is also healthy competitiveness, since there is the possibility of being able to consult the online rankings by seeing what the other players are up to. An extra motivation boost, within a scenario that also includes an in-game calendar that allows you to plan your workouts and lay the foundations for a workout set with a new routine.

Step-by-step instructions help new players take their first steps, so even if it’s been a while since your last workout, Let’s Get Fit will help you every step of the way.

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Marco Dellapina

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