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LG and Meta together for the future of Extended Reality

LG strengthens the strategic partnership with Metawith the aim of giving a boost to its activities in the field ofExtended Reality (XR).

The aim is to leverage the competitive advantages of both companies – including products, content, services and platforms – to offer innovative experiences to customers within the growing virtual space market.

A summit meeting between LG and Meta

LG leaders, including the CEO William Cho and the president of the Home Entertainment division Park Hyoung-seihad a meeting with the founder and CEO of Meta, Mark Zuckerberg, at the LG Twin Towers in Yeouido in Seoul. The meeting was held during Zuckerberg’s tour of Asia.

During the meeting, which lasted two hours, we talked about business strategies, highlighting perspectives on the development of latest generation XR devices. CEO Cho, who tested the Meta Quest 3 headset and Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses, showed great interest in Meta’s advanced technological solutions, focusing in particular on the company’s language models and its ability to integrate Artificial Intelligence in devices.

Next generation Extended Reality experiences

By combining the Meta platform with its expertise in content and services in the TV sector, LG plans to create a unique and differentiated ecosystem in the field of Extended Reality. After all, the latter represents one of the company’s new business areas.

Furthermore, Meta’s technological core combined with LG’s capabilities of excellence in terms of product and quality, promise important synergies in the development of next generation XR devices. The latter are new generation personal devices capable of overcoming the limits of mobile screens in terms of immersion and intuitiveness.

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