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LG announces the new dryers of the Dual Inverter Heat Pump range

Renewed design and large capacities are the strengths of the new LG Dual Inverter Heat Pump dryers, which reappear to consumers, guaranteeing the usual efficiency and practicality.

The new dryers of the LG Dual Inverter Heat Pump range

LG Electronics returns to the dryer market with an expansion of the range LG Dual Inverter Heat Pump. New products that today offer a modern and elegant aesthetic as well as different capacity options. In short, devices to meet the load needs of all consumers. A further expansion aimed at constantly improving its offer to adapt to all homes and needs. On the design front, the brand introduces the elegant on selected models metal faceplate. A detail that enriches the device with unique and valuable details. All this translates into an appliance capable of combining high performance and elegant aesthetics.

In addition, all new models in the LG Dual Inverter Heat Pump range also boast the reversible door. This introduces the possibility of decide which way to open the door, and guarantees consumers maximum flexibility and adaptability to any domestic space. Talking about large capacities the innovative 10kg dryer model arrives. A device that meets the needs of those who need greater capacity while maintaining the spaces to be dedicated to the dryer (the external size is in fact the standard one)

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More and more performing, less and less expensive of energy

The new models are characterized by fuel efficiency, positioning themselves in class A +++ and A +++ -10% with the RC90V9AV2W and RC80V9AV3W models. These important innovations go alongside the cutting-edge technologies that characterized the previous models. Among these, the EcoHybrid technology it is the perfect solution for those who have little time, but do not want to give up high-level performance. The dryer allows you to activate the TURBO mode to reduce drying times by about an hour thanks to greater air circulation inside the drum, without the use of a resistance; or it allows you to choose the ECO mode to dry with delicate and constant temperatures, consuming 50% less energy than a class A dryer and respecting temperature-sensitive fabrics.

All models are also equipped with a sensor that allows you to optimize drying times based on the humidity detected in the drum. For complete hygiene there is also the function Allergy Care which allows to remove 99.9% of bacteria. Also it Smart Pairing allows you to adapt the drying cycle to the wash used – if the washing machine also belongs to the LG brand – ensuring extreme ease of control, as well as smart management of your laundry.

The new LG Dual Inverter Heat Pump dryers also reconfirm the self-cleaning condenser with spray water. This is able to eliminate the residues of the fibers of the fabrics and of dust that could accumulate in the condenser during the drying cycles. A system that reduces the risk of blocking the air circulation inside the drum and increasing energy consumption.

Like other LG appliances, the new LG Dual Inverter Heat Pump 2021 dryers can also be managed and controlled remotely thanks to the LG ThinQ ecosystem, which allows you to choose the most suitable program, read its technical specifications, start drying and control it. the state.

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