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LG expands cloud gaming services on its TVs

LG focuses even more on cloud gaming with the line TV 2023which integrate the 4K support for NVIDIA GeForce NOW and the launch of Boosteroid in many countries. These services allow you to play the best PC games without having to download or install anything, taking advantage of thethe power of networked servers and the quality of LG’s 4K panels.

LG 2023 TVs expand cloud gaming services

NVIDIA GeForce NOW it is already available on LG TVs (2020-2022 models) with webOS 5.0 and above in Full HD at 60fps, but the 4K support on select 2022 models – as well as across the entire 2023 lineup.

Boosteroid is the biggest independent cloud gaming service in the world, with four million users e hundreds of accessible triple-A gamesi with a simple account. The service has 18 server sites worldwide (also in Italy) and offers smooth and reliable gameplay in 1080p at 60fps.

LG TVs (models from 2021 to 2023 with webOS 6.0 and above) also integrate other cloud gaming servicescome Amazon Luna. LG TVs are therefore the ideal companions for gamers who want to enjoy a realistic and immersive cloud gaming experience.

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The webOS 2023 operating system offers quick and easy access to cloud gaming services via the Game Quick Card. This feature allows you to start services such as GeForce NOW, Utomik, Blacknut, Boosteroid, Twitch e YouTube directly from the home screen.

LG’s OLED TVs are particularly suited to streaming gaming, thanks to the 0.1 millisecond response time and very low input lag which guarantee exceptional fluidity of play. Also, with the feature Game Optimizerpresent on all LG TVs from 2021 including those QNED e UHDthe most passionate gamers can choose between several display presets depending on the type of game, to optimize your performance.

Find more information on the LG website.

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