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LG G3 OLED TV, a picture that acts as a television

LG Electronics brings the 2023 collection of his family to Italy You are on TV, led by the G3 series. The different models will be available on the store in the coming weeks, but we had the opportunity to see and test the new flagship and it is absolutely impressive. Starting from its design which is designed to make the most of any home.

The new LG G3 OLED TV, faithful to the One Wall Design

The principle that guides the creation of this model (available as always in different sizes) is defined by the company One Wall Design. In concrete terms this translates into a television that was born with the idea of ​​being hung on the wall: it is not only a question of a possibility, but of its primary positioning. To the point that already in the package we can find the bracket to hook it.

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Leaving with this perspective in mind created a model with unique characteristics. The LG G3 OLED TV is extremely slim, with the hook for the bracket recessed inside and all the different ports for connections carefully placed to hide the cables and not add bulk. The result? A TV that adheres perfectly to the wall, without gap, emerging by very few centimetres. Basically, a painting.

It was possible to achieve this result also thanks to the now long experience of the company Korean company, which has been working directly on OLED technology for over ten years. And although it is still possible to purchase a support separately to hold the TV on a table (as you can see in the photos), it is clear that the rendering on the wall is a unmissable workhorse.

The range of LG’s new OLED TV models in addition to G3 it includes the C3, Z3 and B3 series, which represent the different price ranges. Of course we are talking about rather substantial figures in absolute terms. But after seeing and testing the 65″ G3 in action, we can say that the quality offered is in line with the price.

The new TV, beyond its design

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It’s hard to overstate the level achieved by the new LG G3 OLED TV. Leveraging technology Brightness Booster Max e OLED evo manages to reach exceptional brightness peaks compared to similar models. This accompanied by a treatment Super Anti Reflective which makes viewing pleasant even in lighted environments. We had to really work to find an angle where it was possible to spot a reflection (not too annoying by the way), despite the window in the room and the bright day.

Of course, it does not disappoint on video and audio quality, but it is worth highlighting some key features. First of all theOLED Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro, which studies the image in over 20,000 blocks, making the images brighter and sharper in a very detailed way. This is thanks to artificial intelligence, which is also the basis of the exceptional AI Sound Prowhich manages to return surround sound even without the need for an external system.

Exceptional care also for a possible use gaming (which clearly interests us in particular). Compatibility with video and audio enhancement technologies is very high, with already a predisposition to standards that have yet to really catch on to consoles. Everything is already ready to offer a gaming experience of the highest level.

In the course of our test we tested several possible uses of the LG G3 OLED TV, from watching streaming movies to gaming, passing from traditional television and simply listening to music. AND we have never been disappointed.

The new LG G3 OLED TV completes the package with an optimized user experience

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To make this new model particularly appreciable is also the care in the user experience. LG has redesigned the menus to make them easier to use even while watching, to be able to quickly adjust the settings to the content we are viewing.

The redesign also involved the webOS operating system, which manages the smart features. Everything is simplified to use. In particular we found the so-called very comfortable Quick Card: categories that group the different TV applications. Then click on Home Office we will have quick access to the agenda, video call applications or Microsoft 365, while moving on the Sports Card we will be able to follow all the disciplines that we like best. We will even have the possibility to enter our favorite team and receive alerts when it plays, including real-time updates on the progress of matches. And so on, for all the different categories.

In short, the new LG G3 really is one of the best OLED TVs that you can (or rather will be able to, in a few days) find on the Italian market. If you are looking for an experience of the highest level, without compromises, this is the one for you. To find out more, please visit the company’s official website.

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