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LG introduces the new Ultra Short Throw CineBeam 4K Projector

LG Electronics is pleased to announce its range of premium projectors CineBeam 4K with the introduction of the new ultra-short throw (UST) model HU915QE. Let’s find out all the details about it together!

LG Electronics premium projectors

The solutions designed by LG for cinema lovers have the intent of bringing the emotions of the big screen into the homes of fans. In fact, LG’s latest solution in the field of home cinema can offer a projection image of 90 inches. Thanks to its short throw, all you have to do is place the projector by yourself 5.6 cm from the wall! If this screen size isn’t enough, that’s it for yourself 18,3 cm away from the wall you will be able to reach a width of well 120 inches!

LG Electronics premium projectors 2

Brightness and contrast

The HU915QE model boasts a brightness of well 3.700 lumen ANSI and excellent value contrast equal to 2.000.000:1. The result is that of a projection made of deep and realistic images, which ensure the highest level of involvement. This is possible thanks to the evoluta laser technology three-channel from LG, which uses a separate light source for each primary color (RGB). The new model offers very vivid images even during the day, especially in comparison to other traditional products that take advantage of technology with a single light source.

This model is capable of playing movies and streaming content in 4K HDR thanks to’HDR Dynamic Tone Mapping, which analyzes and corrects the brightness of the image of each individual frame. Furthermore, the functionality Brightness Optimizer II helps further improve the performance of the new CineBeam projector by automatically adjusting brightness levels based on ambient light conditions. And then again, the Adaptive Contrast adjusts the light sources of the projector and offers extraordinary contrast in every single scene.

Connectivity and audio

The HU915QE projector streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, YouTube e Apple TV without an additional device. Furthermore, the contents can also be streamed wirelessly via Screen Mirroring, Apple AirPlay2 e Bluetooth4.

Finally, on the audio front we find the speaker integrated in 2.2 channels of 40W and the ability to connect up to two speakers Bluetooth LG at the same time.

Retail price

LG’s 4K CineBeam laser projector (model HU915QE) with the new ultra-short throw technology is available in Italy on the LG Online Shop at the recommended retail price of 5499 euro.

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