LG launches the first collection of built-in appliances in Italy

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LG Electronics makes its debut on the Italian market built-in appliances. With this new introduction, LG enriches its product portfolio in Italy coming to cover all segments of the white goods sector in a complete and diversified way.

LG, built-in appliances: “The show is in the kitchen. InstaView: Double-knock to find out.”

Ease of use, high performance e design minimal these are the characteristics that make the products in the new LG built-in collection the perfect allies for those who want a functional and elegant kitchen. The tagline “The show is in the kitchen. InstaView: Double-knock to find out”, which will accompany the introduction of the new collection on the market on all communication assets, effectively summarizes the ability of LG technology to make time spent in the kitchen a real show.

The new collection, which boasts high energy performance in line with the best industry standards, consists of 4 electric ovens, 2 induction hobs, 2 gas hobs and 3 dishwashers. Built-in refrigerators will also be introduced within the collection over the next few months.

LG, built-in appliances. Instaview ovens: many functions and connectivity

Minimal and elegant, the new LG ovens are equipped with InstaViewTM technology, already present on LG refrigerators, which allows you to look inside the oven with a simple knock on the glass, without fear of getting burned. In fact, the four glasses of the oven door insulate perfectly from the heat and make InstaView ovens extremely safe. The excellent quality of the materials also guarantees resistence, durability and easy maintenance also thanks to the dedicated functions.

The EasyClean function and the pyrolysis function allow you to always have a clean oven even after the most daring culinary experiments: in particular EasyClean allows you to clean the oven in just 10 minutes, without the aid of detergents, by exploiting the power of steam; while the pyrolysis use high temperatures to char stubborn residue on the oven walls.

Functional and simple to use, the InstaView ovens of the LG built-in collection are a complete appliance thanks to the numerous cooking options: from traditional cooking, with fan or static, to steam cooking, from vacuum cooking to air frying, LG ovens contain numerous functions in the same product that allow you to save space and experiment with new flavours.

InstaView ovens are the perfect allies even for novice chefs or for those who like to browse through new recipes: thanks to thethe free ThinQ appin fact, it is possible to download many tasty and original recipes to test the different types of cooking.

The essential and compact design, while guaranteeing a large capacity of 76 liters, combined with the absence of knobs and the touch display, allows InstaView ovens to integrate seamlessly with the style of any kitchen. The high energy efficiency (class A+ and A++) completes the characteristics of this extraordinary line of ovens.

Hobs: flexibility and style

The key word for the hobs in the new LG built-in collection, available in both induction and gas versions, is flexibility. The induction hobs, both 60 cm, offer 4 plates with double or single flex zone, according to your needs and habits.

The independent slide touch controls guarantee convenience and temperature control even during the most complex preparations while the automatic detection of the pan and the Stop & Go system make these cooking dishes safe and scalding proof. Finally, the SCHOTT black glass finishes, bevelled on 4 sides, guarantee an elegant and refined style.

Gas hobs are available in the version da 60 e da 75 cm, respectively with 4 and 5 burners. With their steel colouring, even the gas hobs ensure a discreet touch of style for every kitchen.

Dishwasher: effectiveness and efficiency

The range of LG dishwashers, introduced in 2021, is enriched with new built-in models with unique functions and features, including high energy efficiency that reaches class A.
In particular, LG dishwashers are characterized by QuadWash technologywhich, thanks to the multidirectional rotation of its four spray arms, guarantees enviable washing performance.

Compared to the traditional two-arm system, in fact, the four Multi-Motion arms are able to reach every corner of the wash tub, offering complete cleaning of all dishes from multiple angles during the entire cycle.

Sanitization is also guaranteed by the TrueSteam technology, which, thanks to a jet of hot steam, is able to remove up to 99.99% of germs and bacteria from dishes. The EasyRackTM loading system, equipped with a customizable rack, makes the adjustable basket system suitable for all types of loads.

Finally, LG dishwashers also preserve the design of the kitchen: thanks to the sliding hinges, in fact, it is possible to slide the door when the door is opened, avoiding having to mill the plinth in the case of very high modern kitchen doors.


All products from LG’s new built-in collection are available starting today on LG Online Shop and in the best consumer electronics stores.

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