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LG MyView review: even the monitor becomes Smart

It is certainly no secret that the tech devices in our homes are becoming increasingly smarter; between refrigerators that connect to the internet and toasters with dedicated applications, the potential of intelligent appliances has exploded. In this wake, LG presented the new MyView That brings to monitors those smart features usually reserved for televisions. Does it make sense to adapt the system of applications and extensions typical of a Smart TV to a monitor? Let's find out in this one LG MyView review!

Our review of the LG MyView Smart Monitor

As anticipated, the LG MyView smart monitor is an innovative device that combines the functionality of a traditional monitor with those of a smart TV. The device offers functions such as different streaming apps, web browsing, voice control, the ability to connect other smart devices and much more.

All on one 27″ Full HD screen with integrated stereo speakers, 2 USB ports and 2 HDMI ports to connect other devices and all the features we would expect from a normal monitor. What makes the difference is in fact the webOS 23 operating system which allows us to interface with Smart settings and services. But let's start in order!


LG MyView reviewLG MyView review

The MyView monitor has a elegant and modern design with a very thin frame and an adjustable and stable pedestal. It abandons black, a great classic of most monitors, for a total white look that adapts well to any desk. Dimensions and weight are quite in line with the market (611.8 x 450.9 x 209.9mm for 5.6 kg of weight) and in general the monitor returns an excellent feel despite it is not a premium product.

The base is narrow and long and perfectly balances the weight of the monitor which remains stable, without the need for screws or similar. The hole on the stand to pass through any peripheral wires and the like is also very appreciated. On the back of the screen we find the power input, two HDMI inputs (ver. 2.1) and two USB A inputs.

At the bottom of the monitor we find the classic control lever to select the menus and the various settings but together with the device, to cement the monitor/Smart TV combination, there also comes a small remote control. Here, in addition to the keys dedicated to the most famous streaming services, we also find the basic controls for selecting the settings, volume and “channels” of the monitor without needing sticks or a PC.


For display we have a IPS panel which ensures image uniformity from any viewing angle. The screen is a 27″ Full HD (1920×1080) which guarantees a sharp image rendering faithful to the original colors as well as a 60Hz refresh rate. As for the audio outputs, however, we have due speaker da 10W (5W + 5W).

Without a doubt the most distinctive element of the monitor is the WebOs 23 operating system support which offers an entertainment experience on par with that of much more expensive smart televisions. From here we will have simple access to integrated applications such as Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, YouTube, and free LG channels, as well as productivity services such as Microsoft 365 and Google Calendar. All without necessarily having a PC available. As a good smart device, the LG MyView connects to your home Wi-Fi to function, if you wish, as a smart TV.

Game Optimizer

LG MyView gamingLG MyView gaming

If, however, like us, you also want to use the LG MyView as a monitor, you should know that it will have nothing to envy of specific monitors, even in terms of gaming. The device is in fact equipped with Game Optimizer, a special (as well as aesthetic) menu that offers specific settings for video games and different genres. The same function is also available for audio.

Generally, it is a beneficial feature for fast-paced, competitive games where low lag and quick response are crucial. For games where graphics are the primary focus, the Game Optimizer may slightly alter color rendering from the developers' original intent (as is the case in this image on the left with Dragon's Dogma 2 running). Of course, we recommend experimenting with and without the Game Optimizer to find the setting that gives you the best gaming experience.

Our test of the LG MyView monitor

For this review, we tested the LG MyView monitor for about three weeks during which it replaced our main monitor which was also 27″. Let's start with a sore point, this MyView is not a monitor with particular video quality. The PC (and especially gaming) monitor market offers much superior visual quality without increasing the price too much. However, very few monitors out there can boast a dual smart function.

And it is precisely here that this device gives its best: a functional mix of a monitor and a smart TV in a single product and above all, in a single expense. After naming the price so many times, the time has come to reveal it to you: 189€. This is a truly suitable figure for the performance and size of the monitor which, combined with its smart features, becomes truly exceptional.

We appreciated the presets and Game Optimizer, which, while they don't offer the same level of customization as specific monitors or TVs, will still meet the needs of most consumers. However, the integrated Stereo speakers are not very exciting as they offer no audio depth.

LG MyView review in brief

LG MyView review 1 1LG MyView review 1 1

With MyView, LG wants to offer a unique solution that usually requires two very different devices. All while maintaining a price, let's remember €189truly excellent combined with excellent design and performance.

It's about a winning 2-in-1 which can solve problems of space, costs and versatility of a product in an instant. Although the most demanding users might turn up their noses at less than premium performance, the advantages it offers are undeniable. Not to mention an unparalleled quality-price ratio, unthinkable if we were to buy a monitor and a smart TV separately.

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