LG NeON 2: photovoltaic modules for the efficiency of a “smart” house

LG NeON 2: moduli fotovoltaici per l'efficienza di una villetta “smart” thumbnail

The photovoltaic modules of LG Electronics NeON 2 they were chosen to increase the efficiency level of a “smart” villa in the province of Rome. In order to increase the energy efficiency of the home and with the aim of moving towards increasingly ecological choices, such as the purchase of an electric car, the owners of the villa in Anagni have decided to install a photovoltaic system able to produce electricity and also provide for the heating of the house.

LG NeON2: the “numbers” of the system

To meet this need, Tecodes company operating in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency e LG Pro Partner, he decided to install 21 NeON 2 Black photovoltaic modules 330 watts for a total of 6,930 kWp. These modules represent a perfect combination of elegance, performance and safety. In fact, they have a very refined design that adapts perfectly to any type of roof.

Currently the installed system produces energy to meet the energy needs of the house with a self-consumption rate of 45%. In one year the plant has energy produced for a total of 10,360 kW with a savings of 5.000KWh which corresponds to a reduction of annual expenses of approximately 1,300 euros. Furthermore, the plant was designed to produce a slight surplus in view of the future installation of a storage system to reduce night-time consumption.

LG NeON2: how this scenario came about

“We are very proud that our modules have been chosen for this project and have fully met the customer’s expectations. NeON 2 Black modules are the result of LG’s commitment to providing the customer with more than just efficiency. The added value is constituted by the improved guarantee, by the duration, by the performances in real conditions and by the elegant design, which make it particularly suitable for installation on roofs “, said Luca Farfanelli, Solar Sales Manager of LG Italia.

“When the customer contacted us – Massimo Mugnai, Administrator and Energy Consultant of Tecodes, said – he said he expressed two fundamental needs: to install a product that was able to guarantee high performance and that had such aesthetic characteristics as to be able to fit perfectly into the context in which the home is located “.

“To meet the customer’s needs, our choice fell on LG’s modules with a totally black frame and back, which proved to be the perfect solution for this system. The integration on the roof was made thanks to a layout developed by us that was able to give a uniform and regular distribution to the photovoltaic modules. Thanks
to the exposure and inclination of the roof pitch and to the high quality installed components, we can say that we have satisfied the customer’s requests. Being LG Pro Partner is very important to us for several reasons. Firstly, because LG is a leading brand in the photovoltaic sector and introducing itself to customers as LG’s partner makes them understand that they are in front of a qualified company that will be able to assist them by offering them products of the highest quality. Furthermore, through this partnership LG allows us to stay updated on new regulations, new products and market trends ”.