LG Oled Evo G3 is available on the Italian market after the presentation at CES 2023

LG Oled Evo G3 è disponibile sul mercato italiano dopo la presentazione al CES 2023 thumbnail

LG Electronics (LG) announces the availability in Italy of LG OLED evo G3, the flagship of the LG 2023 OLED TV offer.

It will be possible to buy LG Oled Evo G3 in Italy

After admiring it in January at CES 2023, the G3 series of the LG OLED evo range will be available starting today on LG Online Shop and in the best consumer electronics stores. Available in four sizes of 83, 77, 65 and 55 inches at a suggested retail price of 6,499 euros for the 83 inch. 5,199 euros for the 77-inch. 3,599 for the 65-inch and 2,599 euros for the 55-inch.

Technical characteristics of LG Oled Evo G3

LG OLED evo G3 meets the needs of any member of the family thanks to extraordinary brightness, refined design and renewed user interface. Thanks to the brand new light control architecture, the Brightness Booster MaxLG OLED evo G3 offers 70% more brightness than a traditional LG OLED TV.

This feature, combined with the treatment Super Anti Reflective, which effectively reduces glare. It makes the OLED TV evo G3 perfect for use in any home environment, even those with more light.

The new 4K processor α9 Gen6 con AI accurately handles the reproduction of colors and details by exploiting sophisticated technologies based on deep learning. In order to perfect the reproduction of the images and increase the sense of immersion and involvement.

The OLED Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro function, for example, offers sharper details even in very bright or dark areas. This happens thanks to the application of dynamic mapping on 20,000 blocks of each single frame. L’HDR Expression Enhancer recognizes and optimizes the rendering of the most relevant objects in the scene, giving them greater clarity and three-dimensionality. The α9 Gen6 processor with AI also powers AI Sound Pro. This makes on-screen actions more immersive with virtual 9.1.2-channel surround sound played from the TV’s built-in speakers.

The One Wall design to mount the OLED TV flush with the wall

Always a distinctive feature of OLED TVs, with the G3 model it becomes even more distinctive: the design One Wallwhich in fact allows you to mount the TV perfectly flush with the wall thanks to the included bracket that integrates seamlessly into the TV, helping to bring style and elegance to all environments where the TV is positioned.

Finally, the user experience of the G3 series has also been optimized thanks to a webOS23 operating system user interface update which has brought greater organization and fluidity in content management.

The new interface is in fact characterized by Quick Cardpractical thematic tabs that group the main applications of the same category (Home Office, Gaming, Music, Sport and IoT) and a recommendation of the contents organized into tabs, which makes them more quickly accessible.

The context menu has also been updated with the aim of being more intuitive and faster in accessing advanced settings. Advanced evolution of its predecessor, LG OLED evo G3 is the perfect technological solution for those looking for immersiveness, personalization and style.