LG presents a display that widens from 12 to 14 inches

LG presenta un display che si allarga da 12 a 14 pollici thumbnail

LG Display presents a display “Stretchable“: A flexible surface that can widen 12 to 14 inches, and then return to its original size. This display, which LG definisce “free-form”, tomorrow it could also adapt to clothes and furniture of various kinds.

LG features a flexible display, which widens from 12 to 14 inches

If in recent years we have seen more and more folding screens, the market for flexible screens in multiple directions it is still mainly in the experimental phase. But the new device presented by LG Display already looks quite advanced.

Capable of prange from 12 to 14 inches and then back, this type of product can take on more complex forms than other screens. So much so that it could withstand the wear and tear of being worn as a dress, or the weight of those who sit on it if it were to wrap a sofa. And we are not making hypotheses: LG Display says it can be used in sectors such as “fashion, wearables, mobility and even gaming “. But also in the automotive world or in that of home furniture.

lg flexible display min

The flexible display has a pixel density of 100ppi, like that of a 40-inch 4K TV. And it covers the RGB color spectrum. The display has a silicon layer that allows you to show the micro-LEDs connected with S-shaped springs, which can bend by 20% without breaking.

In recent years, other companies have presented similar products, but that of LG Display for now is the largest and best able to summarize the original form. Practical applications are still a long way off: this is just a demonstration prototype. But the advent of wearable screens doesn’t seem that far off. Although it is impossible to put a release date for the first product with a display that “stretches” like this on the market.

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