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LG’s solutions presented at ISE are innovative and easy to use and offer the highest quality images responding to new business needs

LG Electronics (LG) presents his innovative technologies per l’information display all’Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2022 a Barcelona. At ISE 2022 LG promotes the theme Move Daily Life Forward which originates from the company’s famous slogan Innovation for a Better Life. Ranging from the line displays OLED Transparent ai Micro LED up to the complete lineup of LED products for the digital signagehere are its latest commercial innovations that combine digital signage solutions with application tools capable of responding to the new post-pandemic communication needs.

The time spent inside their homes in recent years is increased and many activities that were once carried out atexternal, today they take place in the comfort of home. From Workallo studio, ai hobby and medical examinations. In line with this trend, LG presents LG MAGNIT e LG One:Quick Flex who leverage the company’s experience to create next-generation home displays.


LG: MAGNIT & One:Quick Flex

Presented in 2020 and already present in several commercial sectorsis now aiming to redefine thehome cinema premium level offering an experience exceptional visualand elegant design it’s a 136-inch 4K UHD maxi screen (3,840 x 2,160). Thanks to the several million pixel LED autoemissivi this display offers stunning picture quality allowing you to enjoy film, television shows, sporting events and works of art comfortably a own home.

To make viewing content easier and more enjoyable, through the platform webOS 6.0 smart TV, several popular streaming applications are accessible. Also, when paired with the home speaker Beolab 90 from Bang & OlufsenLG MAGNIT offers an even more immersive home cinema experience.

One:Quick Flex is another innovative solution designed for home entertainment. The display all-in-one combina microphone, camera e speakers integrated with a 43 inch 4K UHD (3,840 x 2,160) and an optional mobile stand. With its simple configuration touch-based and the operating system Windows user-friendlyit is not only suitable for working from home, but also for distance learning, video conferencing, remote training and entertainment.

Larger in size, One:Quick Works and 55 inchescombines integrated touch capabilities with intuitive videoconferencing tools, and is particularly used in educational and corporate environments, thanks to an excellent user experience and the ability to connect multiple users simultaneously.


I display LG OLED Transparent

Instead they are more and more widespread within premium business environments and are used on glass walls to create images bright and futuristic and as useful meeting tools. The displays LG OLED Transparent they are also used in the field of transport come advertising or information displays on the glass walls of the stations. It also fits perfectly into museums where it is used at the entrance to welcome visitors or to superimpose objects on the context and offer an immersive experience. LG OLED Transparent Touch has become very popular with interactive displays.

UltraFine™ 65-inch OLED Pro displaywinner of the Technology and Engineering Award, was built with production house professionals in mind. It supports professional-grade interfaces, such as SDI e SFP, and offers the high quality original resolution of the source without scaling. Plus, for colourists who spend countless hours behind the screen, UltraFine Display OLED Pro meets standards Eyesafe and helps protect their eyes from blue light. LG UltraFine OLED Pro can also be used in post-production companies and OTT companies during projection.

LG also features several innovations focused on mission critical environments. High definition and design bezel-less of the displays Fine-pitch LED offer details sharpwhile the LED Bloc da 54 pollici bezel-lessthanks to the simplicity with which it can be installed, it is used as 55 inch LCD video wall display and fits brackets of existing LCD video wall models. These features make them perfect for control room applications offices, auditoriums and virtual classrooms.


Here are the solutions for the retail sector

For the sector retail, here is the content management solution LG SuperSign QSRwhich offers customers a lavagna menu dinamicaoptimizes the kitchen display system and integrates with the system PoS. To interact with customers even outside, LG presents the 21.5-inch high brightness touch display. Whether it is a chiosco drive-thruof a petrol pump or one charging station for electric vehiclesthis display is equipped with a brightness that allows you to view information in any conditions luce e resists in difficult climatic conditions and dust.

Among the various proposals of the company for the different sectors, LG also presents its solutions cloud come Pro:Centric Clouda solution designed to transform the way people managehospitality. This system allows a Pro:Centric, the flexible and intuitive content management system, to be extended to different branches through a cloud-based architecture. The hotel they will therefore be able to offer personalized services, maintain a consistent image and collect behavioral data in multiple locations, all from a single centralized location.


LG: le parole di Paik Ki-mun

Paik Ki-munsenior vice president e head of the Information Display business unit di LG Electronics Business Solutions Company ha dichiarato:

We are thrilled to present to ISE our solutions that have been conceived and designed to improve people’s lives. Crisp, seamless images are able to emerge especially in a crowded environment like this, and what’s more, our vertical solutions are creating new opportunities. We are constantly looking for new ways to offer innovative and impactful solutions for different industries.

These revolutionary business solutions will be showcased in Pavilion 3 of the Gran Via della Fira in Barcelona from 10 to 13 May. For those who will not be able to attend, LG provides a page dedicated to ISE which includes videos and content that will be added live during the event.

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