LG presents new soundbars for 2024

LG presenta le nuove soundbar per il 2024 thumbnail

LG has announced its upcoming line of soundbar per il 2024: many new audio products for home cinema await us, among which a new cable-free solution stands out, which connects to the OLED M series TVs via Zero Connect. But there are several LG solutions to combine design and audio quality, which we will be able to see live at CES in Las Vegas.

LG SG10Y Soundbar and other audio-video news for 2024

Every year LG presents its line of products to bring cinema to our home. And this year he decided to start with audio, with a complete line of soundbars. Products that we will see at CES in Las Vegas and that we can’t wait to hear with our own ears. But given the innovations that LG presented to us in preview and the soundbars launched last year, expectations are high.

Last year’s C Series line of soundbars paired perfectly with OLED TVs, sitting just below the TV when hung. But this year LG wanted to overdo it, also including technology support Zero Connect. In fact, the new LG SG10Y Soundbar It has built-in Wi-Fi capabilities, allowing lossless audio transmission, including support Dolby Atmos, even wirelessly for M series TVs (like M3, launched last year). The connection to Zero Connect requires the absence of cables, thus offering a clean and clutter-free installation.

But even if you don’t have the latest M-series OLEDs, wall installation remains clean and simple. LG also showed us a dedicated wall mount for the other QNED and OLED series, offering the flexibility of connection via cable glands.

Multiple options for high-quality audio

LG’s new soundbar includes advanced technologies such as Dolby Atmos, which allows you to guarantee audio quality. Something that we also find in the other soundbars of the brand which wants to provide perfect integration with the LG ecosystem, thus confirming the brand’s attention to the synergy between its devices. Although compatibility with any TV remains, if you use the brand’s ones the possibilities increase.

A real WOW effect

One of the most intriguing innovations is, in fact, the concept of WOW Orchestra per soundbar e TV. A welcome confirmation for LG soundbars. In essence, it combines the diffusion of sound from the sounbar to the LG TV speakers, allowing you to give greater spatiality to the sound and hear voices more distinctly.

The functionality Wow Interface It also allows unified control of the soundbar via the TV remote control, providing an easy and intuitive setup experience directly on the screen. In the end, Wowcasta feature introduced in TVs with Alpha 9 processors and later, allowing the connection of additional speakers without the use of an external receiver.

LG has also redesigned the speakers, introducing a passive radiator to enhance bass and optimize the transition from subwoofer to soundbar, ensuring an even more balanced and engaging sound. Furthermore, the soundbars of this new generation also direct the sound of voices upwards, to give the impression that the dialogues are coming directly from the screen. And there’s also AI for room sound mapping, for the best possible audio.

The 2024 lineup will accommodate well 9 new soundbars, demonstrating LG’s commitment to bringing innovation and audio quality to the center of its users’ experience. These new models are designed to meet the needs of tech enthusiasts and audiophiles, and we can’t wait to hear them play in the US. We will keep you informed.

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