LG presents the new soundbars: here’s what you need to know

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A new listening experience and respect for the environment: LG presents the 2022 soundbar range for enjoying home entertainment at full volume.

LG will launch the new 2022 Soundbars at CES 2022

There is less and less of CES 2022 and the adhesion of the various brands continues. Also LG Electronics will be present at the event, where it will introduce a new collection of audio products characterized by performance and elegant design. In short, real new and exciting sound experiences: all while guaranteeing accurate and engaging sound for home cinema, music and gaming.

To best represent all the news of LG’s new audio range is the Soundbar LG S95QR, a high-end audio solution that aims to envelop the listener in a pure surround experience with his own 810W of power distributed on 9.1.5 channels. And it is precisely the wealth of channels that distinguishes the new S95QR, which has 5 up-firing channels. Three in the central body, two in the rear satellites and is the first in the world to integrate a central one. The latter serves to improve the clarity of the dialogues and make them more realistic. The contents in Dolby Atmos and DTS: X will therefore be even more engaging and the IMAX Enhanced ones will return an incredible three-dimensional audio.

LG S95QR: the technical characteristics

LG S95QR introduces several improvements, including an increase in the performance of the new drivers, speaker cabinets and subwoofer. In addition, a greater ability of the larger woofers to reproduce deep and resonant bass, recreating a cinema-level sound system. Additionally, LG has upgraded the wireless rear speakers from four to six channels, with four front / side drivers flanking the two up-firing drivers. Compared to other rear speakers, those of the LG soundbar are designed to spread the sound evenly over a large space of 135 degrees. Feature that offers greater flexibility in positioning the speakers in the room, making it the perfect solution for even the smallest rooms.

Cinema, gaming, audio: a versatile solution that adapts to all needs

LG’s new soundbar is also the perfect solution for gamers, thanks to full support for VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) and ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode), making it a must-have for anyone who wants to connect a console and play with. an audio in perfect sync with the gameplay. Cinema, video games but also music, with support for high-quality music streaming services, LG’s soundbar makes listening to your favorite playlists and artists even more enjoyable.

LG S95QR offers an intuitive user experience thanks to compatibility with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and other AI assistants. Through these devices, you can easily control streaming music, adjust the volume and change the sound modes, simply by using voice commands. And now, with the LG WOWCAST Wi-Fi Audio Dongle, you can enjoy quality multi-channel audio without the need to connect a cable to your TV.

LG’s new soundbar is perfectly compatible with the other devices of the brand

Also, when connected to a compatible LG TV, LG S95QR takes advantage of the TV’s advanced AI Sound Pro function to make all content clearer and more realistic and can be controlled directly using the TV remote control. Finally, with the AI ​​Room Calibration function, the S95QR can adapt the sound to any environment, analyzing the size of the room to offer more accurate and calibrated low-frequency audio ensuring maximum precision.

The Soundbar 2022 collection has been designed with the environment in mind, ensuring a significantly lower carbon footprint throughout the product lifecycle. In addition to the packaging made of 100% paper and the use of recycled plastic resin for the external casing, the new soundbar models are produced with a new composite fiber material which, being lighter, allows to reduce emissions of CO2 during shipping and transport. In addition, the new LG soundbars are environmentally friendly and allow significant savings even when in use thanks to reduced energy consumption.

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