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LG showcases home energy solutions at IFA 2023

On the occasion of IFA 2023, LG Electronics will show its vision for a more sustainable life thanks to the “Net-Zero House”, a house that integrates the new home energy management system LG Home Energy Platform.

IFA 2023, LG Home Energy Platform

LG Home Energy Platform is an all-in-one solution for home energy management, heating and cooling, which includes an Energy Storage System (ESS, Energy Storage System) and a THERMA V R290 air-to-water heat pump.

LG Home Energy Platform is a complete solution that helps make the home more sustainable. By combining LG’s storage systems (ESS) and heat pumps LG THERMA V, the platform offers an efficient and easy-to-use heating and energy storage system, which includes energy production, exploitation, storage and conservation.

The LG THERMA V R290 air-to-water heat pumps ensure year-round indoor climate comfort and offer more efficiency compared to a traditional heating and cooling system.

What LG THERMA V R290 allows you to do

LG THERMA V R290, in fact, it allows you to reduce the carbon footprint of your home thanks to the use of refrigerant a low environmental impact R290, characterized by a lower GWP than that of traditional refrigerants (equal to three), which directly absorbs heat from the outside, thus decreasing the use of electricity. In addition to providing heating and cooling, air-to-water heat pumps with an integrated water tank can also provide domestic hot water at high temperatures.

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Excess energy can be stored in the ESS battery and fed into the heat pump’s integrated water tank during daylight hours, when solar energy production is at its peak. In the evening, when energy consumption is usually higher, l’ESS uses stored energy to provide hot water and power appliances, increasing efficiency and energy self-sufficiency.


In case of blackout, ESS can help keep essentials like heating, refrigeration and lighting running. Excess energy is stored in the ESS for later use or sold to a contracted electricity supplier.

In addition to LG THERMA V heat pumps, the ESS is able to integrate with a wide range of LG home appliances including washing machine, refrigerator, oven, dishwasher and styler and even with the electric vehicle charging device (EV). Visitors to the Net-Zero House will be able to find out more about this system thanks to an explanatory board showing how the energy stored by the system flows to all the appliances installed, reducing the load on the electricity grid and cutting energy bills.

IFA 2023, LG ThinQ Energy

In addition, the Home Energy Platform is compatible with LG ThinQ Energy, an intuitive energy management solution that allows you to control all your smart appliances, manage your heating and cooling system and monitor energy storage and consumption from anywhere using your smartphone. In addition, appliances equipped with the energy saving mode further contribute to efficient use of energy.

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