Le TV LG sono le migliori amiche di chi ama il gaming thumbnail

LG TVs are a gamer’s best friend

LG TVs are a gaming enthusiast's best friend

CES 2023, which ended a few days ago in Las Vegas, was an opportunity for many brands to present their new products. Among these too LG Electronicswhich announced the new TVs with important features dedicated to gaming.

Televisions are indeed equipped with the new webOS with dedicated game hub. And not only that: they have integration with leading cloud gaming services (such as Amazon Luna and NVIDIA GeForce NOW). Speaking of GFN, with the service it is possible to play games on LG TVs in streaming 4K a 60 fps.

LG TV definitively enters the world of gaming

The popular cloud gaming services, which can also be easily reached with a voice command from the LG Game Card on webOS 2023, offer gamers numerous titles from prestigious partners. In addition to the aforementioned NVIDIA and Luna, the collaborations also include Blacknut, Utomi e Boosteroid. All without the need for additional downloads or hardware.

Other features that make LG TVs best friends for gamers are:

  • Ultra-fast response time: 0.1 millisecond at ultra-low input lag
  • Extensive customization features including the Game Optimizer and specific settings for each game genre.
  • No download e no consoleall you need to stream games is a stable connection and a compatible controller.

However, we remind you that to play through cloud services it is necessary to have an active subscription to one of the services. GeForce NOW, for example, is one of the most popular cloud gaming services in the world, founded by NVIDIA, which allows you to play streaming games with the very high performance typical of NVIDIA technology. The catalog includes both popular free-to-play games (such as Fortnite and Apex Legends) as well as many other titles that are constantly being added.

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