LG TVs: the offer of services for video players has been expanded

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LG TVs offer new services for video players. These LG TVs will offer new cloud gaming experiences thanks to the integration of Luna and GeForce NOW in 4K. Streaming will also be available on 2020 models

On the occasion of CES 2023, LG Electronics ( here for more info ) has once again shown its commitment to offer a high-level gaming experience on its TVs. This through its new services: the new webOS with dedicated gaming hub, the addition of cloud gaming services such as Amazon Luna, and smooth gaming sessions streamed in 4K at 60 FPS through NVIDIA GeForce NOW.

Details about the new services available on LG TV

The popular cloud gaming services offer gamers numerous titles from prestigious partners such as NVIDIA, Blacknut, Utomik and now also Luna and Boosteroid. These are easily reachable from the LG Game Card on webOS 2023 even with a voice command, without the need for downloads or additional hardware. LG’s award-winning OLED TVs deliver ultra-smooth gameplay thanks to superior picture quality, ultra-fast 0.1 millisecond response time, and ultra-low input lag. In addition to an even more exclusive gaming experience thanks to various customization functions including the Game Optimizer and specific settings for each game genre.

LG TVs: the offer of services for video players has been expanded

GeForce NOW

Already available in Full HD on 2021 and 2022 LG TVs with webOS 6.0 or later. GeForce NOW is now streaming on 2020 models and will be available to stream in 4K on select models later this year. LG TVs are therefore
among the first TVs that allow you to play 4K at 60 FPS on a big screen using only a compatible controller. GeForce NOW is NVIDIA’s open cloud gaming service. This takes advantage of the burgeoning PC gaming ecosystem by streaming with world-class performance powered by NVIDIA GeForce RTX technology. Gamers can play their favorite PC titles already purchased from the most popular digital stores, with millions of other PC gamers. GeForce Now Ultimate members will be able to enjoy up to 4K 60 FPS resolution streaming to supported LG TVs, with ultra-low latency that rivals many local gaming experiences.

Amazon Luna among the new services of LG TV

Accessible by LG’s Game Card in the US, Amazon Luna joins other cloud gaming services on the webOS home screen of new LG TVs. A Luna membership gives you access to games for everyone. From triple-A titles to retro-style platformers, family games and more. Including Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Everspace and Team Sonic Racing. While the Prime Gaming channel offers Amazon Prime members access to various exclusive and free-to-play titles each month.

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