LG OLED Flex, il primo TV OLED a curvatura variabile. Quanto costa e dove acquistarlo thumbnail

LG OLED Flex, the first variable curvature OLED TV. How much does it cost and where to buy it

LG OLED Flexthe first TV variable curvature OLED, it’s available finally on the Italian market. Here are the costs and the technical characteristics.

LG OLED Flex, cost and where to find it

After admiring it last autumn on the occasion of IFA and Milan Games Week, gaming lovers can finally buy the new LG TV model, from LG Online Shop at a price of 2.999 euro.

The uniqueness of LG OLED Flex lies in its 42-inch flexible screen that can go from flat to curved up to 900Rwith ben 20 levels of adjustment available. The user can memorize 3 presets, in order to switch from one to another quickly with a click on the appropriate button on the remote control. Or you can set the curvature to your liking with manual adjustment, for total immersion in the action.

Technical features

LG OLED Flex gamer

LG OLED Flex also offers the ideal features for those who love to play. A response time of 0.1ms, ultra-low input lag, support a Dolby Vision for games in 4K at 120Hz and 4 HDMI inputs at 48Gbps with VRR as per HDMI 2.1 specification.

Like other evo OLED TVs, LG’s foldable TV is compatible with G-SYNC e AMD FreeSync Premium. Thus, it ensures smooth gaming sessions without tearing or stuttering. In addition, thanks to the built-in microphone with echo cancellation and the 40W front speaker system, you can use the communication with your friends while playing without using headphones.

The level of personalization of the user experience is another unique feature of LG OLED Flex. The size of the images on the screen can be reduced to 32’’ o 27’’ depending on your preferences or the type of game, the screen can be adjusted in height and inclination and, on the back, is equipped with RGB LEDs to give a tone to the gaming environment based on the images or sounds reproduced.

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