LG updates DUALCOOL Deluxe and ARTCOOL Mirror for superior air quality

LG aggiorna DUALCOOL Deluxe e ARTCOOL Mirror per una qualità dell'aria superiore thumbnail

LG recently updated LG DUALCOOL Deluxe e LG ARTCOOL Mirror to offer a superior air quality to its customers. These two devices integrate innovative antibacterial features e against allergies, making them ideal for year-round use. Let’s find out all the details together.

LG updates DUALCOOL Deluxe and ARTCOOL Mirror for superior air quality

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Available in configuration mono e multi splitLG’s DUALCOOL Deluxe and ARTCOOL Mirror models add the new Allergy Filter for targeted action against harmful substances which can cause allergies to advanced AirCare Complete System filtration systemalready equipped with technology UVnano and ionizer Plasmaster.

The innovative Allergy Filterthanks to a particular coating, allows the air conditioner to filter the indoor air e remove suspended substances. The new filter completes the purification functions, making the DUALCOOL Deluxe and ARTCOOL Mirror families ever more effective and efficient. AirCare Complete System is an advanced and complete filtration system, which maintains fresh e clean the air emitted by the air conditioner and the unit itself.

Instead the Pre-Filter has the task of trap dust particles larger in size while the function Auto Cleaning helps maintain the indoor unit of the air conditioner free of moisture; in fact, it prevents the formation of mold and bacteria, as well as the spread of bad odors.

Thanks to ultraviolet light, the UVnano technology it allows to remove 99.99% of bacterial microorganisms that could lurk on the fan of the indoor unit. To conclude Plasmaster Ionizer+ it also allows you to delete the 99.9% 3 of the bacteria present on surfaces and fabrics.

The words of the company

Gianluca FiginiAir Solution Director, LG Electronics Italia, said:

The time spent in the home has significantly increased and this ‘new normal’ has brought out an ever-increasing need for solutions capable of increasing comfort inside homes, intended both as air conditioning control and as quality control of the air.

The update of our DUALCOOL Deluxe and ARTCOOL Mirror air conditioning families is moving in this direction. The purification functions combined with the new Allergy Filter make our solutions the ideal allies to guarantee superior air quality in all seasons.

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