LGBTQ video games: here are our favorites for Pride Month

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In honor of the Pride Month 2022discover ours with us video games favorites that address issues LGBTQ.

Video games that address LGBTQ issues: here are our favorites

The representation of people LGBTQ, unfortunately, it’s still quite lacking in today’s games. However, things are improving and many developers are addressing the problem by making games LGBTQ friendly – or that, in one way or another, they address and talk about these issues.

For some years now we have finally begun to see more and more titles that address this type of issue and we are really proud of it. And that’s why, for celebrate Pride Monthwe have decided to list you our favorite video games that address LGBTQ issues.


Il roguelike Hades it has earned immense success. Of course, much of this is due to his own gameplayand hack-and-slash procedurally generated that tells a particular and interesting story. However the fans remained for the charactersespecially appreciating the immense amount of LGBTQ representation that offers.

The protagonist of this adventure is Zagreus, the son of Hades. Fed up with the suffocating underworld, Zagreus embarks on a journey to flee to the surface. Along the way, you will meet a number of characters from Greek mythology who will help you in your mission.

Zagreus is explicitly bisexual and is able to forge relationships with characters of various genres – in particular may have a love affair with three different characters, each of them with a different sexuality. Furthermore, in the course of our adventure, we will also find other characters and exciting love stories: first of all the one between Achilles and Patroclusshown in all its glory.

An incredible title, which managed to win the hearts of the public. Hades is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch e PC.

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is simply one of the best Android games available and like any self-respecting farming simulation game, it boasts a in-depth social system. We know that romance options are present in almost any RPG or simulation game, but few do it as smoothly as Stardew Valley.

The title allows players to date, marry and bear children with one of the 12 inhabitants of the city. If you marry a person of the same sex, it is possible to adopt a child.

However what makes Stardew Valley truly special is the genuine emotion put into each character. Regardless of who you choose to be with, rest assured that you will have one relationship ready to warm your heart.

You will not find any barriers in this title, just love and genuine feelings. Stardew Valley is available for Android e iOS, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC e Nintendo Switch.

LGBTQ themed video games: Life is Strange

Life is Strange is a story-driven episodic game. The first chapter was released in 2015 and has since been expanded with subsequent games Life is Strange 2 e Life is Strange: True Colors. The saga has always offered queer characters in his stories even if, at least at the beginning, he did it in an almost bland way.

The first chapter of the saga has been incredibly successful and is starting to give us some suggestions. In the course of our adventure we know that Chloe was in a relationship with Rachel and, later on, we discover that Max can choose to be with Chloe rather than pursue a relationship with Warren – or vice versa. However these relationships they are not in the least deepened and that disappointed the fans.

Besides, there is another big problem. Most representations of characters belonging to the LGBT community in video games often assume one tragic note. There are in fact characters who die, relationships that fail before they even begin, and relatively few “Happy endings” – to the point that the phrase “Bury Your Gays” was coined.

Despite the considerable appreciation for the first Life is Strange, many fans were outraged by the ending in which either Chloe dies or hundreds of other people die. Many also did not accept the end of Rachel and the little information obtained regarding his character and his relationship with Chloe.

Moving forward with the chapters, however, the developers have finally begun to fix things, making them clearer and happier: from Sean having the choice Cassidy o Finn so much more naturalup to Alexthe protagonist of the last chapter of the saga.

In Life is Strange: True Colors, in particular, things are a lot simpler and clearerare dealt with in such a way more naturalthey come thorough and, above all, there are none unpleasant endings.

All Life is Strange chapters, including Before the Storm, are available at console e PC.

Dragon Age Inquisition

The third game in BioWare’s Dragon Age series, Dragon Age: Inquisitionit may not be the best of the series in terms of story or gameplay but it does offer one complex social mechanics characterized numerous nuances it’s a cast of inclusive LGBTQ characters.

Among them we find, for example, the trans hero Cream or the character of Dorianready to capture our hearts with their stories and their past.

Dragon Age: Inquisition is available at PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One e PC.

LGBTQ themed video games: Tell Me Why

While representation of the LGBTQ community has improved in some areas, others have lagged a little behind: the lack of transgender protagonists in video games it is indeed a problem that many have noticed. Tell Me Whyproduced by Dontnod Entertainment, is the first AAA game with a protagonist trans.

Tyler Ronan is a transgender man who comes home after spending a long time in a juvenile detention center. The title explores Tyler’s identity along with others delicate topics and was made in explicit consultation with organizations such as GLAAD to be as sensitive and faithful to reality as possible. If you loved Life is Strange but are looking for a more realistic and complete protagonist, this title is definitely for you.

Tell Me Why is available on PC e console Xbox.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

The Assassin’s Creed series spent a lot of time without focusing on love stories, limiting the topic to tips oa minor subplots within its titles. However, the more recent games in the series have started to get closer and closer to the subject, particularly with Assassin’s Creed: Odysseya title that has become particularly popular with fans thanks to his numerous romantic options.

The romantic options of the title offer the player the choice of whether to control one of the two brothers, Alexios o Kassandrae there are no barriers. This is to explore the Greek concept of sexualitywhich is very different from that of modern society.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is available at PC e console.

The Sims

But the one who started it all was really The Sims that already twenty years ago, with the first chapters, offered us the possibility of engage in a relationship with anyoneregardless of gender.

Over the past few years the title is maturedbecoming more inclusive towards LGBTQ players. Continuing to evolve away from gender stereotypes present in previous iterations of the life simulator, the latest chapter of the saga, The Sims 4, not only allows you to explore relationships outside the heteronormative ones, but offers many other innovations including theuse of pronounswhich arrived in the title in the form of an update earlier this year.

The Sims 4 is available on PC e console.

Gone Home

Last but not least Gone Homea video game able to tell with one incredible naturalness a touching and profound story. Most likely it is our absolute favorite.

Gone Home was released in 2013 and is one of the best walking simulator In circulation. It was one of the few games to have a lesbian lead at the time and was celebrated for sensitivity and thereflective approach to the subject matter. While Gone Home’s portrayal of LGBTQ issues is slightly dated, it still remains a one-of-a-kind game – and especially one of the early years.

We know that Pride is a celebration of the progress made by the LGBT community but it is also a moment of reflection to come to terms with the past and appreciate the road that the community – and society in general – still has to take. This is why Gone Home remains one of the best titles out there, because it is one of the few that deals with discrimination e the most difficult parts of the LGBT identity.

The title follows a girl named Katie who returns home and discovers that his family is missing. Further exploring the surrounding environment and …

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