LG’s Micro LED displays are premium

I display Micro LED di LG sono da premio thumbnail

Technology Micro LED from LG Electronics won the Presidential Award on the occasion of the International Light Convergence EXPO 2021. The new application method that transfers the RGB chips directly to the TFT glass backplane allows viewing on another level, which has fooled audiences and experts in Korea.

I display Micro LED di LG premiati alla International Light Convergence EXPO 2021

Micro LED technology offers very high brightness, without sacrificing exceptional contrast and clarity. They are self-emissive, thanks to the use of small ones light emitting diodes. They are one of the possible futures of the world of entertainment and computing: from smartphone screens to TV screens, deep blacks and vibrant colors are the best of current technologies in one package.

The modular design of the display presented by LG allows you to customize the size, in order to adapt it to any environment. All with a sleek, frameless designi, which integrates perfectly.

By involving over 200 companies in 500 stands, the International Light Convergence EXPO allows the best of technology to be presented. Right here LG last year unveiled the first Micro LED product last year. The LG Magnit has brought this technology to the world of signage.

Paik Ki-mun, senior vice president and head of the Information Display business unit di LG Electronics Business Solutions Company he explained how pleased the company is with the award. “We are very pleased to have participated once again in this fair and honored to have received this recognition for our innovations in Micro LED technology. We are also proud of Micro LED technology as both innovators and manufacturers ”.

The new technology promises soon to involve all the many screens we look at during the day. LG has once again proven that it is at the forefront when it comes to displays.