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LIAN LI: announced its new products at Digital Expo 2024

LLIAN LI, a PC hardware manufacturer, announced many innovative products during Digital Expo 2024

LIAN LI Industrial Co. Ltd., a leading manufacturer of PC chassis and accessories, ha LIAN LI 2024 DIGITAL EXPO video presented at 9:00 am EST on YouTube. In this video, LIAN LI shares updates on case prototypes, a standing desk, and reveals new concepts for an all-in-one cooler and power supply. Prototypes include the SUP-01, the case experimenting with a front-facing GPU layout, the DAN Cases A3 M-ATX case, and the O11 VISION BACK CONNECT.

LIAN LI also presents the GALAHAD II LCD SHIFT, an AIO that minimizes tubes and power supply EDGE Series, a new form factor that solves cable access in dual-chamber cases. And again the DK-07, a new standing desk with new features. The LIAN LI 2024 DIGITAL EXPO was covered by Jameson Chen, CEO of LIAN LI, with YouTube influencers Stuart Tonks of GGF Events, Justin Robey of Robytech and PCMR founder Pedro Valadas.

LIAN LI: announced its new products at Digital Expo 2024

Details on the new products presented by LIAN LI at Digital Expo 2024

The SUP-01, a compact 45 liter case, reinterprets the PC layout with a front-positioned graphics card and innovative cooling. Equipped with airflow-optimized mesh panels, it surpasses the LANCOOL 216 in terms of cooling performance. The unique GPU placement optimizes cooling without sacrificing aesthetics and is supported by adjustable brackets. The airflow configuration strategically uses the GPU fans and rear fans as intakes and the right-side fans as exhausts, ensuring optimal GPU and CPU cooling.

The main chamber accommodates motherboards up to ATX in size, pre-assembled PCIe 4.0 riser cable and space for 280 to 360 mm AIOs. Storage options include two 3.5″ SSDs or HDDs, a removable drive cage, and magnetic dust filters to maintain system cleanliness. The price is set at $149.99.

LIAN LI alla Digital Expo 2024: DAN Cases A3

The DAN Cases A3, an all-mesh M-ATX case with steel panels and a fabric front panel, ensures a flexible and efficient building experience. Two fan brackets support up to 360 radiators, three 120mm or two 140mm each. The case stands out for its adaptability, with a standard motherboard tray, a horizontal GPU arrangement and a PSU bracket adjustable in six different positions for ATX PSUs up to 140 mm.

GPU and cooling support varies based on power supply placement: Top for a 400mm GPU, center for a 333mm GPU with enhanced top cooling, and bottom for a 360 radiator at the top. The front-facing power supply can accommodate TI 30 and 4060/70 series GPUs, while the side placement increases lateral cooling. Storage options include a floating bracket for two 2.5″ SSDs and mounting additional SSDs or HDDs on the bottom. Front I/O includes two USB Type-A ports, audio jacks, and one USB Type-C port. The price is set at $69.99.

LIAN LI: announced its new products at Digital Expo 2024

O11 Vision Back Connect e O11 Vision Chrome

This variant of O11 VISION supports motherboards with rear connectors. The O11 VISION BACK CONNECT targets ATX and M-ATX motherboards with rear connection. While maintaining the pillarless chassis and support for regular motherboards. Notable changes include a fixed motherboard tray and support for two 120mm fans at the rear, eliminating the 240mm radiator option, and untinted tempered glass panels for a clear view of the interior of the case. The retail price of O11 VISION BACK CONNECT is expected to be $129.99.

LIAN LI is proud to launch the O11 VISION Chrome Edition at the 2024 Digital Expo. The Chrome edition features chrome glass panels, for a sleek, reflective aesthetic. Priced at $149.99, the O11 Vision Chrome is available for pre-order today at official retailers, including Newegg, Caseking and Overclockers UK.

Novità LIAN LI Digital Expo 2024: GALAHAD II LCD SHIFT

The GALAHAD II LCD SHIFT introduces a unique approach to tube routing, which allows you to hide them next to the radiator for an almost pipe-free aesthetic. Using the durable inner tubes commonly used in server rooms, it offers the flexibility to bend around the edge of the radiator. Retention brackets align tubing to the pump block, offering customizable routing options.

Plastic covers covering portions of the water hose offer a seamless look, adaptable to left or right side mounting. A 2.88″ LCD panel on the cooling head, controlled by L-Connect software, enhances customization. SHIFT includes a cover to hide the pump block mounting mechanism. The radiator has a 32mm thick radiator, 28mm fans and improved pump characteristics. The GALAHAD II LCD SHIFT is available in a 360 mm version with the possibility of choosing between black and white.

LIAN LI: announced its new products at Digital Expo 2024

EDGE series power supply and new DK-07

The EDGE series power supply has a unique form factor that allows optimal access to cable ports for dual-chamber cases. The embossed mesh cover offers a clean aesthetic and facilitates cooling of the power supply. The EDGE series offers 4 additional USB headers, ensuring sufficient power for devices such as STRIMER, UNI FAN or GALAHAD AIO. Also includes a 600W 12VHPWR power cable for the latest GPUs and two types of SATA cables. It will be available in black and white, with power options of 1300W 80+ Platinum, 1000W 80+ Gold and 850W 80+ Gold, with an 850W black version featuring uncoated cables.

The latest announcement is the DK-07, which combines technology and elegant design. Equipped with a glass top covering the component chamber, surrounded by aluminum panels. The table boasts a built-in 30″ LG transparent OLED display, which functions as a second monitor without obscuring the system. Other features include a top-access drawer on the right, a built-in cup holder with cooling or heating options on the left, and a retractable USB hub on the tabletop. The computer bay supports up to two 360 or two 280 radiators and six 120mm or five 140mm fans in the front; up to one 360 ​​radiator and three 120mm fans flat-mounted on the right side, and up to one 360 ​​or 280 radiator and three 120mm or two 140mm side-mounted fans on the left.

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