LIAN LI Introduces Brand New Revolutionary Products at Computex 2023

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LIAN LI Leading Manufacturer of PC Chassis and Accessories Excited to Return to Computex with Impressive Series of Prototypes and Upcoming Products

4 new cases will be exhibited, including the O11D EVO XL, the O11D EVO RGB and the O11 Vision; the SUP 01, a vertical case with front mounting of the GPU; 3 AIO CPU coolers including GALAHAD II TRINITY series and a GALAHAD II concept with LCD screen; 2 newly designed fans with the second generation of UNI FAN TL and TL LCD; and a new motorized standing desk with the DK-07F.

LIAN LI Introduces Brand New Revolutionary Products at Computex 2023

LIAN LI at Computex 2023: O11D EVO XL and O11 VISION

Like the original EVO, theO11D EVO XL is a highly modular e-ATX case capable of supporting the latest high-end hardware and can be configured in reverse mode. Supports the GPU next to the motherboard in vertical or reverse vertical, normal or reverse mode, and supports an I/O module in multiple mounting points for maximum convenience.

Additionally, the O11D XL includes a detachable front left support column for an unrestricted view of the inside of the case; and a height-adjustable motherboard tray for 3 different cooling configurations, including support for up to 3 x 420 radiators simultaneously.

The O11 VISION is the result of close cooperation with PCMR. Community feedback has been incorporated into this latest iteration of the O11D. The three sides of the tempered glass panels offer a continuous view of the components without being obstructed by the columns of the frame.

At the top, the glass panel features a one-way mirror coating within the panel to create a beautiful reflective effect inside the case. Equipped with a removable motherboard tray, it can be configured from low to high mode to enhance the radiator thickness support at the bottom. As well as supporting up to a 240 radiator in the rear.

LIAN LI al Computex 2023: O11D EVO RGB

Equipped with two diffused LED strips that wrap around the top and bottom of the case. This new iteration of the O11D EVO also features a removable front/left support column, for an unobstructed view of the components inside. In addition to the features of the original O11D EVO, theEVO RGB supports front mounting of two 160mm LANCOOL 216 fans (sold separately). Also featured is an upgraded cable management system that allows users to secure cables at multiple mounting points.

Case SUP 01 Concept: This vertical case offers a small footprint with unique cooling

The SUP 01 offers a unique airflow for AIO coolers and provides fresh air intake for the graphics card. This is thanks to a narrow chamber for the motherboard, the GPU installed upright at the front behind a mesh panel, and the system fans. Not forgetting the radiator mount in a separate chamber on the right side of the case.

The SUP 01 is equipped with 3 tempered glass panels for a complete view of the system and an L-shaped diffused LED strip. This follows the top of the feeder cover. The SP 01 also comes with a PCIe 4.0 riser cable; with a cover that features LED lighting and a mirror above the PSU cover to create a beautiful reflective effect inside the case.

LIAN LI Introduces Brand New Revolutionary Products at Computex 2023


LIAN LI Introduces Its Next Generation AIO Liquid Cooling System, la serie GALAHAD II TRINITY, for easy customization and performance. There are 3 models available: GALAHAD II TRINITY, GALAHAD II TRINITY SL INF e GALAHAD II TRINITY PERFORMANCE.

The TRINITY Series features 3 interchangeable caps for customizing the pump block and 45-degree swivel fittings on the radiator for easy hose orientation. The GALAHAD II TRINITY is available in sizes 240 and 360featuring pre-installed RGB fans with seamless cable interconnection;

the GALAHAD II TRINITY SL-INF is available in sizes 240 and 360equipped with pre-installed UNI FAN SL INFINITY fans and controllers; the GALAHAD PERFORMANCE is available in 360 format, equipped with pre-installed 28mm thick high-performance LCP fans. With seamless cable interconnection, a 32mm thick radiator with dual wave fin design and a 4200rpm master cylinder. The launch of the new series is scheduled for the end of June.

The GALAHAD II LCD is an AIO 280/360 equipped with a 2.88″ LCD screen with a resolution of 480×480 at the top of the pump. The sides of the pump consist of 2 aluminum caps with diffused LED lighting on the edges. The LCD screen supports MP4 files, customizable levels, screen capture and split screen with 2GB of flash memory. These allow you to upload MP4s for up to 3 minutes.

LIAN LI at Computex 2023: UNI FAN 2nd Generation TL

The second generation of UNI FAN has a new blade and lighting design. The UNI FAN TL features edge lighting that wraps around the front and rear mounting holes for continuous illumination. The rim of the fan features a magnified infinity mirror.

With LCP blades, UNI FAN TL is the first ARGB fan from LIAN LI to feature a stronger blade material, which allows for a minimum gap of 0.7mm between the blades and the fan frame. The FDB motor can reach 0-2200 rpm and up to 10 fans can be connected to each controller port. Via L-Connect, users can separate the fans into 4 different control zones to manage different lighting patterns or RPM speed profiles.

UNI FAN 2nd Gen. TL LCD is the first PC fan equipped with a customizable LCD screen. The screen can be controlled via L-Connect 3, supports GIF, MP4 and picture files, and can display system information. The 120 mm impeller features liquid crystal polymer blades, fluid dynamic bearing motor supporting speeds from 300 to 1800 rpm; it also has a gap between the blades and the frame of 0.8 mm to ensure maximum airflow performance. In addition, each fan is equipped with an integrated circuit that allows automatic recognition by the software, allowing complete control of the speed of each fan within a cluster.


LIAN LI is back with a new motorized desk design. Like the original DK-O5F, the top glass panel can be changed from clear to opaque with the push of a button; but instead of covering the entire top of the desk, each side features aluminum panels.

The single system desk is equipped with innovative features such as a quick-release drawer, a cooled cup holder, a USB expansion hub and a cable organizer. Extensive cooling support is provided by one 360/280 radiator or 3x 120mm/2 140mm fans on the left, 2x 360/280 radiators or 6x 120mm/5 140mm fans on the rear front and 280 radiators or 2x120mm/140mm fans in the center. The desk comes with support for a single monitor arm.

LIAN LI Introduces Brand New Revolutionary Products at Computex 2023

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