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Lian Li launches the new LANCOOL 3

Lian Li company announces the launch of the new LANCOOL 3, which pushes the limits of cooling performance

LIAN LI Industrial Co. Ltd. (here for more information), a leading manufacturer of PC chassis and accessories, announces the latest addition to the LANCOOL series with LANCOOL 3. Designed to provide the best performance as standard, the LANCOOL 3 features a redesigned front panel with a porosity of 51%. In addition, it has four pre-installed 140mm PWM fans and supports up to three 360mm radiators at the top, front, and bottom at the same time. The LANCOOL 3 features an updated front panel design with continuous aluminum strips that act as side panel handles and an improved cable management solution. LANCOOL 3 is available in black or white and in RGB or non-RGB versions.

Lian Li launches the new LANCOOL 3

Details of the brand new LANCOOL 3

To deliver extraordinary performance, LANCOOL 3 is optimized for airflow with a front mesh panel with 51% porosity. In addition, fine mesh panels at the top and on both sides of the PSU cover and four pre-installed 140mm PWM fan panels. The LANCOOL 3 offers a wide range of cooling compatibility options. Thus allowing users to install a radiator up to 360mm at the front on the multi-position bracket, above the power supply cover (maximum thickness 80mm). And up to a radiator from 420 mm in the upper part (maximum thickness 75 mm) in an offset position with enough space for memory sticks 60 mm high. With support for motherboards up to E-ATX, 420mm long graphics cards and ATX PSUs, LANCOOL 3 also offers multiple storage solutions for mounting up to 12 x 2.5 “SSDs or 4 x 3.5” HDDs and 8 x 2.5 “SSDs.

New functional look

The LANCOOL 3 sports a futuristic look with its two brushed aluminum strips located at the front. Each strip also acts as a door handle for the left and right tempered glass panels. It has a modern I / O located at the top of the front panel (power button, reset button, two USB 3.0, USB type-C, audio). Users have the option to reposition it at the bottom for easier access when the case is placed on a desk.
Per LANCOOL 3 RGBthe I / O panel features additional RGB control buttons to provide lighting customization to the pre-installed 3 x 140mm ARGB fans on the front.

Lian Li launches the new LANCOOL 3

Advanced cable management

The LANCOOL 3’s second chamber offers comprehensive cable management to ensure the case looks its best. Behind two removable cover panels mounted on hinges and magnetically closed, 8 velcro straps are integrated into the case. Three large multi-channel straps for organizing and separating front panel cables, 24-pin motherboard and GPU power cables and fan hubs. Around the motherboard area, 5 times smaller Velcro straps are installed for routing cables such as CPU EPS cable and storage drives. In addition, there is enough space to mount up to four fan / ARGB hubs.

Vertical GPU add-on accessory

Vertical mounting of the GPU is also possible in the LANCOOL 3 using the O11D EVO vertical GPU kit. Users can choose between a white or black kit featuring a PCIe 3.0 or 4.0 riser cable. The vertical GPU kit can be installed in the LANCOOL 3 at different heights. With a lower position that leaves 6mm of space between the kit and the top of the PSU cover and a higher position that leaves 46mm of space for fans and a radiator above the PSU guard.

The LANCOOL 3 is available for pre-order starting July 15, 2022.

Lian Li launches the new LANCOOL 3

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