Libero and Virgilio: smishing alarm for users

Libero e Virgilio: allarme smishing per gli utenti thumbnail

The epic that sees Libero Mail and Virgilio Mail as protagonists does not seem to end here: although the services are back in operation, users are currently under smishing attack.

Libero Mail and Virgilio Mail customers are undergoing a smishing campaign

The campaign is conducted through sms addressed to users registered with Libero Mail and Virgilio Mail, while the notice was issued byNational Cybersecurity Agencywhich identified the attempt by cybercriminals to steal victims’ data.

Smishing, for the uninitiated, is a type of scam which, unlike phishing, is carried out via messages delivered directly to smartphones. Phishing, on the other hand, uses fake emails to steal personal data.

The difference between these two scams happens, however it must be specified that the aim is the same: extort sensitive information such as telephone number, credit card number, address, etc.

In particular, it is people less accustomed to technology who fall victim to these crybert scams, so if you know Libero and Virgilio email owners who may seem like potential targets for cybercriminals, here’s how to educate them to help them not fall victim to smishing.

How to avoid smishing

First of all, you don’t have to never answer to sms messages that appear to be of dubious origin. Furthermore, it must be verified that the sender is a natural person or an entity easily searchable and trusted.

Another key point, never click, for no reason at all, on any links contained within the suspicious message. At least not before verifying the identity of your interlocutor.

Finally, it absolutely must avoid entering your personal data in portals of dubious reliability.

Of course, these tips are to be kept in mind by everyone, not just those who are unfamiliar with cybersecurity. The slightest distraction, in fact, can prove dangerous for ourselves and for our personal data.

Furthermore, if you have been the victim of smishing or an attempt by it, do not hesitate to contact the competent authorities.