Lies of P: How to Level Up Fast

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In this new guide dedicated to Lies of P we will explain how to level up your character quickly

Like pretty much all soulslikes, too Lies of P It’s a very challenging title that puts players’ patience to the test. To be able to overcome the most difficult battles requires a lot of skill, but sometimes unfortunately it might not be enough. In fact, if your character is not powerful enough you may have serious difficulty overcoming certain parts of the game and especially certain bosses.

In Lies of P there are many different ways to make your protagonist more efficient, such as upgrading weapons or the legion arm, but obviously the simplest method to become strong is to level up. Unfortunately, gaining enough experience to move to the next level is a slow and tedious process, but with our help you can make it a little faster. In this guide we will explain to you How to level up your Lies of P character quickly.

Lies of P: How to Level Up Fast

Accumulate Ergo | Lies of P: How to Level Up Fast

To level up in Lies of P you need to use l’Ergo, a sort of experience points that can be accumulated in different ways. The most common way to get Ergo is via the killing of enemies, but obviously he’s not the only one. In fact, by exploring it is also possible to find gods Ergo Fragmentsthat is, objects consumables which once used will allow you to earn a fixed amount of experience points instantly.

We often tend to accumulate objects of this type for times of need, but we instead we recommend using them shortly after collecting them. This way you will immediately get a lot of extra Ergo that you can immediately spend on level up from Sophia. But remember never use Ergo Fragments received from bosses. These consumables will earn you quite a bit of experience points in one go, but it’s definitely a lot more convenient trade them with the Treasure Hunter to get weapons and other unique items in exchange.

Lies of P: How to Level Up Fast

Initial advice | Lies of P: How to Level Up Fast

If you are still in the early stages of the game and you need to earn some Ergo quickly, then you can easily do it almost anywhere. Initially, in fact you won’t have access to particularly efficient farming points and you can earn experience points simply by traveling to one Stargazer and eliminating nearby enemies. We advise you to try to accumulate Ergo near the control room of the Venigni factorybut feel free to go wherever you like.

Lies of P: How to Level Up Fast

Farming area | Lies of P: How to Level Up Fast

Once defeated Fire you will finally be able to access one of the best farming points of the early game. Shortly after eliminating this boss you will in fact be able to reach Claralunaa place that has a large number of very simple enemies to eliminate which will allow you to easily accumulate quite a lot of Ergo. We have prepared a specific route to earn approximately a thousand Ergos in a short time and below you can find each step to follow:

  • Reach Claraluna’s Stargazer
  • Equip a fire wheel to apply the element to your weapon (enemies in this area are very vulnerable to fire)
  • If you want, you can also equip long-range weapons such as greatswords to more easily face enemies in groups
  • Go up the hill and enter the house on the left
  • Kill all the enemies inside the house starting with the one armed with the pitchfork
  • Exit the house, ignore all the enemies and immediately run to the top of the stairs where the enemy is located who can attack you from a distance
  • Kill this enemy and then jump down the stairs
  • Run back behind the well trying not to get hit
  • Eliminate the remaining enemies attacking you
  • Return to the Stargazer and start the loop again

Lies of P: How to Level Up Fast

Stronger than before

This concludes our guide on how to level up quickly in Lies of P. Thanks to our advice you will certainly be able to quickly earn all the levels you need to be able to overcome the challenges of the early stages of the game without too much difficulty.

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