Lies of P: tips and tricks for surviving between one lie and another

Torino-Roma: dove vedere la partita?

“If you are not worthy of forgiveness, you will be made of wood for your whole life”: we have no lies, only tricks and advice for surviving in Lies of P

We don’t want to lie to you: with Lies of Pa soulslike awaits you with which to marry Carlo Collodi’s imagery to the Victorian setting, both premises for which it is always advisable to dispense tips and tricks. Of course, the dark retelling of Pinocchio doesn’t necessarily translate into the hardest game ever. After all, as we know, we’re fed up with “the Dark Souls of [inserire genere qui]”, Right? On the other hand, it’s also not a title about her holding your hand… or holding you while you throw your controller out the window. Our love for your peripherals led us here, before your umpteenth death in Krat leads you to commit atrocities against those who tell you that you are the ones who are sorry. Let’s get started right away!

“It’s not a death, it’s a feature” | Cheats and tips for Lies of P

Before we can even consider the idea of ​​talking about tips and tricks, let’s state the obvious: in Lies of P, you die. Often. “Just go off, with a bang”, they said in Escape from Death by Michael Righini. Well, with yet another defeat suffered by the most basic enemy you can find around, you come to terms with what losing a fight entails. You lose a bit of Ergo, ergo your currency (note to the development team: you served it to us on a silver platter), but never as much as in sciur Miyazaki’s magnum opus. So… invest what you have in leveling up or equipment, and get back into the fray!

Lies of P: tips and tricks for surviving between one lie and another

“I don’t trade money for Kalashnikovs” | Cheats and tips for Lies of P

Of course not, but you should. Since you have to hike to the Hotel Krat for Level up and upgrade your arsenal (hey, that’s the advice we just gave you!), you better make it worth your while. Forgetting to plan a decent strategy suits Pinocchio, but not you. We don’t want to scold you, on the contrary: as the blue fairies that we are, we prefer to warn you about what awaits you. What, specifically? No spoilers! We can only tell you that the enemies are getting stronger just like you, so… If things go badly, it’s not your ability’s fault. Only your level and your weapons.

Lies of P: tips and tricks for surviving between one lie and another

A shy little boy who dodges (and parries) | Cheats and tips for Lies of P

And are you even surprised? It’s a soulslike: those who don’t dodge strand themselves on the shore, as if they were a puppet who in 1940, floating face down, traumatized adults and children alike. Or something like that. The point is that dodge and parry (or rather, making a parry) is essential. Improving your skills in this regard will cost you some Quartz, but the investment is of little use if you don’t use it properly. It takes patience to master these techniques, and certain enemies require just the right amount of beating. Train with weaker enemies. Refining the timing is not easy, but the toughest bosses will give you the most satisfaction. And of beatings, before then. About that…

Lies of P: tips and tricks for surviving between one lie and another

“No, Geppetto, I’m going out” | Cheats and tips for Lies of P

Has it ever happened to you, during a game of Fortnite, that you left the missions pending in favor of a liberating “No, enough, lobby” in voice chat? Well yes, getting stuck is not always the panacea for all ills; when it comes to video games, it may be the cause. Soulslikes were created with the aim of “giving players the satisfaction of having overcome enormous adversities”, but to get there you need to practice and, between one excommunication from the bishop and another, know when to stop. Have a drink. Go for chestnuts, given the period. Read a review. The fans will be grateful to you: both those on the console and those in your ears.

Lies of P: tips and tricks for surviving between one lie and another

“Mirror reflection” (“If you move, you’re a puppet”) | Cheats and tips for Lies of P

Congratulations, you have discovered the mechanics for reflect attacks! The temptation to play tennis with the enemy’s shots promises to be succulent: a back-and-forth that, obviously, will end with the enemy dazed and ready to receive the sack… what could go wrong? A bit of everything, actually. Of course this is a gameplay mechanic that gives the game its identity, but if the price to pay is a potential defeat… just do without it. Take for example the armored puppet who acts as a miniboss at the entrance to the union. You also need to dodge, so avoid mechanically repeating the same strategy over and over again.

Lies of P: tips and tricks for surviving between one lie and another

My nose tells me, not to choose weapons at random | Cheats and tips for Lies of P

Different enemies use different weapons. Let’s take the example above again: given the window of opportunity to land a blow once the miniboss’ guard is lowered, a slashing weapon is not worth it. Rather, it’s better to do a lunge, don’t you think? In a diametrically opposite way, when the hitbox is large the slash leaves the enemies in their underwear. Not to mention, then, that certain elemental damage is more effective against different enemies. The electricity actually electrocutes the puppets fresh out of their factory, so to speak. There is a right weapon for every occasion: strategy is always vital!

Lies of P: tips and tricks for surviving between one lie and another

Like an open book | Cheats and tips for Lies of P

A key mechanic of the game is the Fable Arts. These are special abilities to use once in a while, when your energy bar fills up. It also causes a lot of damage, although never enough to properly dent the competition. As a tool it is excellent for stringing together combos and putting pressure on the enemy, perhaps even bringing home a nice stagger. You could also use the move as soon as it’s ready, but… isn’t it better to keep it aside for when you need it most? The enemies in Krat are just waiting for your mistake, and not all of them react to your moves with the hesitation you were hoping for. So saving money is useful… almost always, as you will see shortly.

Lies of P: tips and tricks for surviving between one lie and another

Taskmaster je quick home | Cheats and tips for Lies of P

If a basic enemy uses you as firewood ten times, what could you expect from the current boss other than seeing him do the same thing fifty more? React however you want to the first defeats (perhaps without necessarily persevering; quitting the game has never killed anyone… certainly not the boss, but we digress), but when you face a tough enemy with a fresh mind, make sure you study its movements. Meticulous observation will bring you advantages, with which perhaps you might not shoot him down on the second or third attempt anyway, but from the fourth onwards you will get closer and closer.

Lies of P: tips and tricks for surviving between one lie and another

“Maybe, I’ll use it later” | Cheats and tips for Lies of P

And you’re going to use it now, dammit. Avoid, for the love of heaven and the Blue Fairy, ending up in a video game variant of Buried at Home. If you have an item to consume, no matter how disposable it is, use it! You won’t need that potion “later”, you need it now. Ditto with potatoes (which expired years ago, because “you’ll need them later” since then) for upgrades to support your attacks, grenades to throw, tools to repair equipment and, why not, maybe this last one if not you are using it (you can throw it at the enemy’s head; it will hurt him more than you). Hunching yourself to move everything around is useless, trust me.

Lies of P: tips and tricks for surviving between one lie and another

Who’s afraid of ghosts?

The bosses, that’s who! Combat is the most challenging part of the game, and the most difficult enemies in the fight are, to the surprise only of those unfamiliar with video games, the bosses. Lies of P knows this well and, in a burst of honesty that would horrify the Cat and the Fox (they are in partnership, you can trust them), she gives the players a way out. The Ghosts they are a type of summon available before bosses, to take advantage of the aggro range (translated: use the range of the field of vision within which the boss attacks his enemy, i.e. us) and deal damage while giving you the material time to do the same. Just a little further away, without risking your skin. Or wood. We understood each other.

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