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Life gets easier with Sony TVs

Since in 1960 the Sony has marketed its first cathode ray tube televisions, the life of millions of people has radically changed, thanks also to an innovation that has transformed the concept of TV and which sees in the new range BRAVIA XR 2022 its maximum expression.

Sony BRAVIA XR 2022 range televisions

In 2021 it was calculated that the number of households with at least one TV has reached 1.72 billion worldwide. Sony is certainly among the global leaders in the television sector and at the beginning of the year it announced the new models of the BRAVIA XR series.

The 2022 BRAVIA XR range consists of a series of models: QD-OLED MASTER Series A95K, OLED MASTER Series e YOU ARE 4KA80K , Mini LED 8K MASTER Series Z9K e Mini LED 4K X95K e LED 4K X90K.

Each model boasts a large variety of functionsincluding a remote controller completely redesigned, Google TV, management of smart home devices and the brand new BRAVIA CAM. Everything has been designed to give an exciting user experience and make consumers’ lives easier.

The new remote control of Sony televisions always knows how to be found

How many times have we racked our brains looking for the remote control, even looking in the folds of the sofa or under our favorite armchair?

Sony certainly took this into account when designing its new remote control, with a more intuitive design and with the hands-free feature of the television, which allows, thanks to an integrated microphone, to search for it automatically.

Just say “Hey, Google, find your remote” and a highly visible, backlit button will activate, making it easier to find your remote, especially in dark environments.

In addition, the new remote control is also more stable, without the risk of tipping over when it is placed on a surface, not to mention that its ease of use and intuitiveness make it particularly suitable for the visually impaired.

“I want to continue breaking down barriers for those with visual and hearing impairments and help create a world where everyone can freely access multimedia content.” she stated Sanika Moharana, UX Human Factors Engineer and Designer di Sony North America.

The new BRAVIA CAM technology

The somewhat integrated in the BRAVIA XR range it now allows you to interact via video chat with family and friends directly on the big screen, shortening physical distances thanks to sophisticated technology.

But the new BRAVIA CAM is also designed to offer viewers a more immersive experience, as the camera works in synergy with Ambient Optimization Prowhich adjusts TV settings such as volume, audio direction and so on.

Other features of the BRAVIA CAM are:

  • Gesture Controlallows you to manage the TV simply and quickly using gesture commands;
  • Proximity Alertallows you to set the right distance between the TV and the children in case the latter get too close to the screen;
  • Auto Power Savingcontains energy consumption by reducing the light intensity of the screen in the absence of spectators.

With Sony BRAVIA XR the screens are transformed into a home cinema

It is estimated that by 2024 all over the world there will be 8.4 million smart assistive devices home. For this reason, the BRAVIA XR range integrates Google Assistant, which will be activated by simply saying “Hey Google” or “Okay Google” and then directly issuing the command.

In addition, the BRAVIA XR range takes care of the home entertainment system thanks to the BRAVIA CORE app, without neglecting Pure Stream e IMAX Enhancedto access a huge catalog of film titles.

“The offer brings the best directors and the best actors into the homes of consumers to ensure, through the excellence of Sony technology, a memorable experience,” he said Keith Le Goy, presidente di Worldwide Distribution and Networks, Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Finally, Sony has integrated a series of functions that improve the viewing experience on other streaming services as well, such as Netflix Adaptive Calibrated Modethe new display mode that takes advantage of the ambient light sensor of BRAVIA XR televisions to ensure image reproduction faithful to the author’s artistic intent, in any light condition.

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