Life is Strange: True Colors is shown in the first gameplay trailer

Life is Strange: True Colors si mostra nel primo trailer gameplay thumbnail

The release of the new and expected one is getting closer and closer Life is Strange: True Colors. The game, in these hours, is shown in first official gameplay trailer which shows us some aspects of the adventure that the players will be called to face. The trailer released today is very long and analyzes different aspects of the game allowing users to have a clear idea of ​​its characteristics.

Life is Strange: True Colors is shown in a new gameplay trailer ahead of the official release

The new Life is Strange: True Colors will be available next September 10, 2021. The game, as already announced in recent weeks, will arrive on both platforms. The new title, in fact, will be available on Playstation 5, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S and on PC via Steam. Also worth noting is the availability via streaming via Google Stadia. Subsequently, by the end of the current year, the title will arrive on the Nintendo Switch.

Pending the official release, Life is Strange: True Colors is shown today in new gameplay trailer which we attach below. The video, lasting over 13 minutes, gives us an in-depth look at the new game. Pending the debut, this preview will allow all interested players to discover new features of the game.

The game is developed by Deck Nine Games, a team that has already worked on Before the Storm and is working on the Remastered Collection due out in 2022.

The trailer

Here is the new gameplay trailer of the title released in these hours:

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