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Life is Strange True Colors: Switch version is available

The edition for Nintendo Switch Of Life is Strange: True Colors It has been extensively optimized for the platform and is available in both TV and portable mode, allowing players to fully immerse themselves in this supernatural mystery wherever they choose to play. Now living Alex’s adventure to discover his empathic powers will be even more beautiful, thanks to all these improvements.

Life is Strange True Colors: Switch version is available

In this award-winning narrative adventure, the third installment of the Life is Strange franchise, players put themselves in the shoes of Alex Chen, a young woman with the secret ability to absorb and manipulate the strongest emotions of others. After her brother dies from a so-called “accident”, she must learn to control her unstable power to uncover the truth and reveal the buried secrets of a small town.

The game has been awarded for its narrative sector, defined by many as the best ever seen in the saga so far, and has already received a DLC called Wavelenghts, which stars Steph, a year before Alex’s arrival in the city.

The additional content is set in the town’s iconic record store and will see the protagonist engage in various activities.

Now that the game has also been optimized for the Switch version, it will be possible to fully enjoy the adventure of True Colors also on the Nintendo hybrid, so that even all users who own this console are not cut off from its playful offer. For more information about the initiative, we advise you to consult the official website of Square Enix, where you can also find information regarding the purchase of the various editions of the game.

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